The Difference Between Wounded and Healthy Feminine Energy

Many people say that some women that have certain negative behaviours are in their masculine energy.

We believe differently.

We believe that those women are not in masculine energy. They are in their wounded feminine energy.

Wounded feminine energy traits can appear from many different reasons: their parents and education, a relationship experience, lack of feminine role models, etc.

On the other hand healthy feminine energy is all about embodying feminine traits.

If you are confused about one or the other, here is a list and their explanation:

The Wounded Feminine Traits:

1. Looking for External Validation

Many women don’t know how to validade themselves and from a young age they feel insecure and are always seeking external validation.

What happens is that many women end up being insecure people pleasers desperately seeking validation from others and accepting people and things that do not truly love or are good for them.

They need to learn how to validate themselves from within.

Being manipulative

A wounded feminine woman manipulates people to get what she wants.

Deep down she feels who she is is not enough to be accepted, so engages in games in order to get the outcomes she needs so she can feel safe.

These women need to learn they are enough to be loved by being genuine.

Stuck in victimhood

A wounded feminine woman doesn’t look at the lessons that life brings her or her part in what happens to her.

She believes the world conspires against her and everything that happens to her is never her fault, so she takes no accountability or responsability for it.

She believes she is a victim and always blames others.

These women need to learn to look at themselves and how their behaviour affects her life.

Desperate for love

These women are desperate to be loved because they lack self-love.

As they are always seeking external validation, they is also always seeking someone to love her so can feel her value.

This means choosing the wring type of men and partners and confusing attention with love.

They also get attached to the wrong people too quickly and too soon.

These women need to learn to love themselves.

Embodying masculine traits

Very often this type of woman learned to embrace masculine traits.

She is not “in her masculine energy”, she was conditioned to embody masculine traits she saw in others in order to survive, especially if she didn’t have a masculine container to bring her what she needed.

So she works hard, she pushes for what she wants, she does a tremendous effort to get money and all she needs (boss babe vibes).

And, she is exhausted.

She is exhausted because all those masculine traits are not natural to her. She has to step into them every single day, ignoring her feminine energy.

This type of women need to lean back, trust the Universo and herself and know that she can relax in her feminine energy and have everything she needs, maybe even much more than before!

Lack of Boundaries

Wounded women have a total lack of boundaries.

They don’t listen and honour how they feel and they don’t have standards on how they want to be treated, so they accept things that are not exactly good for them, and don’t communicate how they feel.

Then they feel resentful and angry when other people abuse them.

These women need to understand and honour their boundaries.

The Healthy Feminine Traits:

Vulnerable and authentic

A healthy feminine woman is connected to how she feels and honours it.

She shares how she feels and what she needs in a soft and kind way, and only relates to people who honour how she feels as well. Her relationships are genuine.

She also expresses boundaries if she needs to, or she just simply walks away from any situation which is not for her highest good.

She expresses herself and how she feels with no blame or expectation of certain outcomes, she just is.

Open to receiving

This type of women are not on doing mode, they are on receiving mode.

They know they are always protected by masculine containers everywhere, from their home to their partner, money, and the Universe itself.

She is always open to receive all the goodness life has to offer her.

She knows her worth and value

A healthy feminine woman knows her worth and her value and she knows they are unconditional.

Her worth and value do not depend on external validation or circunstances or other people. It is HERS at all times just by being in this planet.

And she only accepts in the life what and whom sees her worth and her value and treats her accordingly.

She is soft, kind and radiant

A healthy feminine woman fully embraces her Goddess energy.

This means she has no need or desire to be agressive or to push in life for what she needs (masculine energy).

She leans back in her feminine energy and she embraces the magic in her life, choosing softness and receiving effortlessly all she needs and deserves.

She is creative

A healthy feminine woman is connected to source creative energy (her sexual energy) and she uses it to create.

This type of woman doesn’t work in the “normal” way society sees work. She doesn’t hustle and exhausts herself for money.

Her work is of a different nature. She is connected to her gifts and her life purpose, and she does work that inspires her, helping others in the process.

She is truly passionate and radiant in what she dedicates herself to and very often she is very compensated for it as money and opportunities overflow to her from all places.

She easily attracts to herself all she needs and wants.

She is truly in the flow of life.

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