How To Let Go of Masculine Traits – Guide

Many women who have been embodying masculine traits for many years in order to survive come to a point in their lives where they had enough.

They feel exhausted, frustrated, fed up, and want to live a more easy softer life from their feminine energy.

Although having this awareness is the first step to level up and change your life, many women feel lost when it comes to knowing how to release their masculine armour and traits and start embodying their feminine energy.

If this is how you feel, this guide is for you!

For many years I lived in a masculine energy of hustling, proving my worth, in performing mode, and that attracted frustrating jobs, abusive people, my weight was always up and down, and totally disconnected from my emotions.

During many years I thought this was the “normal” and didn’t have the awareness I have now.

After my feminine awakening I started to release the armour, all the masculine traits started to fall down and my life completely changed: the work I do, the way I live, my relationships, my money, everything!

All is now a reflection of my feminine energy embodiment and life is so beautiful and easy this way! I wished I could have lived my whole life like this since I was born!

If you feel you want to take this jump too and release masculine traits but are not sure how, then you need this guide!

We created this “How To Let Go of Masculine Traits” guide that tells you exactly how to start letting go of masculine traits and start changing into a more feminine way of living.

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