Book “In Bloom”

The Book “In Bloom” is a collection of 114 pages with poems, prose, and quotes written for you.

To the feminine woman who forgot who she was for a period of time. It’s ok, welcome back.

Your femininity is in bloom now. Your life is in bloom.

This book is here to help you heal, to honour and embody your feminine energy.

And realize life is indeed simple, magical, when your feminine essence is in bloom.

Welcome to You.

Because this is the time to leave survival mode and live the life of your dreams.

May you honour your blooming, your softness, your gifts, your intuition, your joy, every single day of your life.

May you find your love and light and shine bright in the world.

Once a silent star in the sky, lost, alone and unnoticed, she embraced her radiance and began to live her dream life. It’s time.

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