Embody Your Sensual Feminine Energy – Online Course

Do you feel you have been too much in your masculine energy always in doing mode?

At some point in your life did you disconnect from your feminine energy?

Do you feel life is a struggle and you are in survival mode?

Have you been attracting men who are too passive or abusive?

Do you find it hard to express your emotions and connect with how you feel?

You find it difficult to be present in your body and enjoying your life?

Or… do you simply feel you are disconnected from your feminine essence?


If you have been in a masculine energy of providing and protecting yourself for a long time and feel exhausted, wanting to step into your feminine energy and living the life you deserve but not sure how, this course is for you.

So many women feel disconnected from their feminine essence living in survival mode, hustling, and feeling drained and frustrated.

Many women never had the opportunity to cultivate their femininity when they were a child and a teenager, in a world that is so focused on doing and achieving.

So they left our feminine energy on the side and embodied masculine energy in order to survive.

And it is when they hit rock bottom, when they feel exhausted, depressed, questioning if this is all life is, that an awakening takes place.

You become conscious of how disconnected you are from your feminine energy. And a desire to return to it pops up.

When you feel this desire, there’s no turning back.

It’s time to embody your feminine energy… FULLY!

You start wanting different. You start wanting a life of ease, of joy, from your feminine essence. 

You want to leave survival mode and start LIVING.

Feminine energy is soft, is sensual, is nurturing, is yummy!

Is all about living a life of ease, creativity, enjoying the present moment.

It’s also about listening to your needs, to your emotions, living with an open heart and radiating that beautiful feminine energy attracting a life of abundance and joy.

It’s about having high standards and TRULY LIVING!

The course “Embody Your Sensual Feminine Energywill help you to make this energetic shift and start living the life you deserve.

This is a course that will take you through a journey of self-discovery, raising your standards and start living from your high value feminine energy.



A woman living from her high value feminine energy is a woman who fully embodies and lives her feminine essence and has high standards in all areas of her life.

She only accepts in her life what she truly desires and never settles for less than what she deserves.

Her high standards make her only have great experiences in her life and be surrounded only by people who adore her and honour her feminine energy.

She easily says no to what is not aligned with her and easily says yes to what is.

She attracts abundance and she lives a soft and joyful life.

Every single woman already is a high value feminine woman. The only thing you need to do is remove all the conditioning beliefs and start having high standards in order to level up your life.

And that is exactly what this programme will help you do.


– Identify and shift any and all patterns, beliefs and unhelpful stories that are obstructing the flow of feminine energy in your body and life.

– Release masculine traits connected to survival mode once and for all

– Understand what is feminine energy and how to connect with yours

– Learn how to listen to, understand and honour your emotions and how you feel (the core of feminine energy)

– Integrate your own feminine energy in your every day life and start living a life of ease

– Start having high standards in all areas of your life and only accept what you truly desire and deserve

– Learn how to be a feminine energetic magnet who attracts abundance and everything you desire effortlessly

– Know how to date like a feminine high value goddess and attract a healthy masculine provider man who adores you!

– Leave survival mode, start feeling safe and supported, and start LIVING!

This Course Contains 7 Video Modules:

1. The 3 Types of Feminine Energy and How They Act

On this first video we talk about the 3 different main types of feminine energy, how they play out in the world and in dating/relationships, and how a woman can evolve from one to another, so you know in which stage of your journey you are and it brings you clarity.

2. What is Light & Dark Feminine Energy and Why You Need Both

In this video we dive deep into what is both light & dark feminine energy, how they play out in yourself and why you need to embody both in order to live feminine aligned life.

3. The Basis of High Value Feminine Energy: High Standards

A feminine woman has very high standards in everything: relationships, work, finances, how she dresses, places she goes, what she accepts in her life.

Those high standards is what makes her level up and have only great experiences in life. In this module you’ll learn how to start having high standards and hold them until they become your new identity.

4. Connecting with your intuition and your emotions

Your intuition and the connection with your emotions are the essence of your feminine energy. Learn how to connect with them and how to express yourself in a feminine way.

5. Take This Quantum Leap to Embody Your Feminine Energy Fast!

Taking this Quantum Leap with make you let go of the past quickly and embodying your feminine energy fast, by connecting today with who you truly are.

6. How to Date Men as a High Value Feminine Woman

When you embody your feminine energy, start attracting instead of doing and open up to receive, your choice of men and the relationship you wish to have will face a massive change too! Whether you are dating or in a relationship, in this video you’ll know how to relate to men as a high value feminine woman.

7. Being a Magnetic Sensual Siren Attracting and Pulling In All You Desire, Living in Abundance!

In the last video and module of this programme we talk how embodying your feminine energy and attracting & pulling instead of doing is the key to live the truly abundant life you deserve!

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Hi gorgeous!

I’m Carla, founder of The Feminine Energy and creator of this wonderful programme “Embody Your Sensual Feminine Energy”.

I have been many years of my life embodying masculine traits in survival mode, looking for external validation, hustling, and got to a point after having my daughter that I was plain exhausted and disconnected from myself.

I started 12 years ago a beautiful womb and feminine awakening journey of connecting with and embodying my feminine energy and my life has completely transformed. From a life of hardness and exhaustion to a life of ease and softness.

So I created this course because I want to help other women going through a similar journey to connect with their feminine essence and completely transform their lives, stepping out of masculine traits and survival mode and start living the beautiful and abundant life they deserve!


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You have lifetime access + unlimited replays + any future updates for life.

After clicking on the big button below and submitting your order, you will get a link to the programme.

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on, your mind and body engaged with, and your frequency tuned into this content and energy. It’s time to level up!

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How do I know if this course is for me?

If you feel called to do this course, if you feel it’s time to take the leap into your feminine energy and start changing your life, this course is for you.

My life is super busy. How will I watch all the videos?

You can go at your own pace, and watch each video as you feel called to. There’s no rush. You have the course content forever and often, people love the course so much that they go through it more than once.

What can I expect from this course?

The keywords are feminine embodiment. You’ll go deep within yourself and start aligning with who you truly are. You’ll have the tools you need to start creating the life of your dreams.

How long will it take for me to fully embody my feminine energy?

The magic of embodying your feminine energy and creating the life of your dreams is to watch it unfold every day and enjoy the process. This is not a race to a certain destination, but a journey of discovery. It can take a few days or a few weeks or months to fully embody your high value feminine essence. It all depends on your specific journey and timing process.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this course and I deeply believe in the principals in it. It’s up to you however to implement it in your every day life.

Disclaimer: This course does not guarantee specific results, as that is personal to each person and their personal journey. We don’t do refunds.