How a Feminine Woman Can Use Her Masculine Energy in a Healthy Way – Guide

Many women had to embody masculine traits in order to survive, making them feel exhausted, frustrated, resentful, living in survival mode. Maybe you feel this way.

And now you want to let go of that way of living and embody your feminine energy, living a softer and more aligned life.

But what probably no one ever told you is that embodying your feminine energy is not rejecting your own masculine energy. 

It’s not about doing nothing, not having goals, meditate all day long and waiting for things to happen.

Actually, as a feminine woman, you need to praise and honour your own healthy masculine energy, otherwise you are not able to recognize that healthy masculine energy in men.

The same for men. If a man rejects his own feminine energy, he is not able to deal with his own emotions and won’t be able to hold space for a woman’s emotions. He’ll be masculine but cold and emotionally unavailable.

And a healthy masculine man is emotionally available, empathic and in touch with how he feels.

So it is important for a feminine woman in her journey of embodying her feminine energy, to also embody her own masculine energy in a healthy way.

Maybe in the past you weren’t embodying your masculine energy in a healthy way, you were pushing things, hustling, working hard, forcing things to happen. 

But, there is a way for you to embody and embrace your own masculine energy in a healthy way, and that’s what we are going to tell you in this guide.

Think about feminine energy as the river flowing, and masculine energy as the river edges, containing and supporting the water flow.

If you are only the edges of the river, the water doesn’t flow and becomes stagnant. If you are only the water flowing, it will flow everywhere because it won’t have the container to make it flow in the right direction.

To maintain a balance between your yin and yang, first, get in touch with your feminine essence, and then you can utilize the opposite masculine energy as a tool to support it.

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