What No One Tells You About Feminine Energy – Book

Are you tired of so much information online about feminine energy that is toxic and unhealthy?

Do you want to know what really is feminine energy, how to embody it and how to navigate it in your every day life?

Then this book is for you!

There is so much information online about feminine energy, but many of that information is not what healthy feminine energy is about!

Things like manipulating people, using performative femininity, tricking men, “getting the bag”, or looking feminine in a superficial way but no mention to doing inner work, are just toxic ways to keep you disempowered and disconnected from your feminine essence, creating more trauma in your life.

This book ” What No One Tells You About Feminine Energy” contains the most valuable snippets of wisdom you can learn about living in your healthy feminine energy.

It is a book that tells you in a raw and honest way what feminine energy really is, and how to do your inner work to embody your feminine energy and become an empowered feminine woman, living your best soft life!

It also talks about dating in your feminine energy, so you attract a loving, caring and healthy masculine partner who truly adores you.

This book will help you to make a big energetic shift and help you understand much better what really is feminine energy in these areas:

– Embodying feminine energy

– Releasing survival mode and masculine traits

– Living from your feminine energy

– Dating in your feminine energy

– Living a soft and abundant life

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