Feminine Energy 1:1 Coaching

Are you tired of living in survival mode, from masculine traits and want to fully step into your feminine energy and live a softer life?

In a coaching session with me, I’ll take you there quickly!

On this 1 hour 1:1 coaching session on Zoom with Carla, the founder of The Feminine Energy, you’ll know how to let go of masculine traits and how to connect with and embody your feminine energy on a daily basis, so you live a full life of radiance and joy.

What I can help you with:

– Letting go of limiting beliefs around your own feminine energy

– Connecting with your feminine energy

– Embodying your feminine energy on your everyday life

– How to use your feminine energy in specific situations in your life (work, dating, children, money, etc)

– Starting to live life with ease, joy, abundance, and flow

Why Coaching?

It’s normal when you are awakening to your feminine energy to go search for articles, videos, all sorts of info about embodying feminine energy, so you learn how to navigate your journey.

The thing is, when you start releasing old patterns and energy and start reconnecting with your feminine energy, all sorts of things will come up inside you.

Old patterns and old beliefs especially will come up and make you feel confused and questioning yourself and everything.

Questions like “Do I really deserve this?” or “Is it possible for me to live in my feminine energy”, or “Am I worthy of a life of ease and a provider man who adores me?”, etc.

It’s quite common to go back and forth many times from an old energy and into a new energy.

What coaching does is to provide you with the container to shift those questions and energy FAST.

I have been there myself, so I know very well what you are feeling and going through and I can help you release all that old debris and help you embrace new beliefs that are more aligned with who you are and the beautiful feminine life you deserve to live.

All coaching I do is tailored to who you are and your needs, so you feel listened to, supported, and get what you need from our session together.

At the end of our session you’ll feel more connected to your feminine energy, more joyful and with a total different perspective of your own feminine energy.

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