The Power of Sisterhood: Harnessing Feminine Energy through Support and Collaboration

In a world where women often find themselves pitted against each other in competition, unlocking the secret strength of sisterhood can be a game-changer. Picture a community where women uplift each other, celebrating achievements and sharing knowledge to empower one another. This article delves into the transformative power of sisterhood, exploring how collaboration and support […]

Top 10 Feminine Energy Traits

Masculine energy is a very direct energy, solid and structured. It defines goals and then works to achieve them in a straight line. That is why is very praised in our society, because it is based on doing and achieving. In the physical world. Feminine energy on the other hand, is about the internal world. […]

20 Ways to Romanticize Your Life This Summer

Summer is a season of warmth, freedom, and vibrant energy—a perfect time to slow down, be in your feminine energy and savor the beauty of everyday moments. Romanticizing life means appreciating the small, simple pleasures and finding joy in the mundane. For women, this can be a transformative experience, allowing them to reconnect with themselves […]

How To Create a Vision Board to Manifest Your Desires

First of all, what is a Vision Board? A Vision Board is a board where you will post photographs of everything you wish to manifest in your life: job, a car, a house, travel,a love relationship, a baby, money, your own business, etc. It’s a way to: – Be clear about your desires and goals – Feel all the good emotions that all the things you desire give to you – Make a commitment to yourself to manifest and stay focused. The way you create your Vision Board is to be very SPECIFIC about your desire to manifest, and that’s how the board will help you. For example, we often think that we want to manifest our dream home. But we have no idea what this house looks like. When you look at pictures of houses and you pick one to put on your vision board, you’re being specific. You’re deciding the size of the house, the color, how many rooms there are, how are the rooms, the entrance, the garden, etc. Being specific is VERY important in the Law of Attraction because you are telling the Universe exactly what you want. It is no longer hypothetical, or that you have “a vague idea”, but it is something tangible and real. Some time ago, I had a vision board on Pinterest, which is great for finding pictures of my desires! But then I realized that I only looked at the photos when I went on Pinterest and it wasn’t every day. So I decided to make a physical vision board, and put it in a place in my house where I see it every day. So when you look at your pictures, immediately you feel all the good emotions associated with the things you want, you create an intimate relationship with them, and they become familiar and not just something distant. That feeling of intimacy and familiarity is very important in the manifestation of your desires, for the things you desire do not appear out of nowhere suddenly, they are identified by you at the right time! […]