Attract and Receive: Build a Business From Your Radiant Feminine Energy – Guide

Shift from hustling and getting exhausted to running and growing a sucessful business from your feminine energy… effortlessly, from attracting and receiving!

In this Guide you find all you need to know!

So many women run businesses by embodying masculine traits such as: hustling, working hard, being too much in their heads, forcing themselves to do more, etc.

And many call themselves “boss babes” and are proud of the hustle.

I know, I have been one of them.

I built a very successful business in social media marketing, made very good money from it, my lifestyle was amazing, and… I was exhausted and lonely. And fed up.

My energy was being drained every day because I had this belief that in order to be successful I can’t stop.

I can’t allow myself to rest, to allow, to just receive. No, I add to prove to myself and the world that I am a woman and I can do it. At the expense of my well-being and my feminine energy.

I see this all the time on social media. Instagram boss babes posting luxury lifestyle photos, and ignoring how they truly feel inside.

Because when you are too much in a masculine energy, you simply ignore how you feel. Because putting how you feel first is feminine energy.

So basically you are in performative boss babe energy. You embody this persona of who you think you have to be in order to be successful.

The day I had a health scare and was told my immune system was weak and I was feeling exhausted, I knew something had to change.

I couldn’t ignore how I felt anymore.

Especially because I was also a full-time single mom and cranky all the time. I was missing my soft, nurturing and relaxed feminine energy.

I was missing to just receive without having to work for it and prove my worth all the time.

I was burned out and starting to doubt myself, procrastinating and simply in inaction, which made me feel guilty because of my belief I should be striving and hustling.

I also started to realise that my business wasn’t growing and I reached a certain income and couldn’t go up and step into overflow.

That was the time I decided something has to change. I had to change.

I started knowing women who were running their businesses but weren’t in hustling masculine mode. They were just enjoying life and everything they need would just appear to them.

So I discovered I was embodying masculine traits who weren’t natural to me. 

To a man, those masculine traits are natural. Men (especially the very masculine ones), can hustle and do and keep going all day long every single day. They have the testosterone and the DNA for it.

Women are built different. They can of course work and do great things but their nature is not to keep going forever.

A woman’s true nature is to:


Total Game Changer

A feminine woman’s natural state is to receive from the Universe, from others, from everything around her. Easily and effortlessly.

This ability to attract and receive is a SUPER POWER! More powerful than any boss babe hustle mode.

Because it allows you to only do work you are passionate about, focus on connection with others, be creative, and stop to rest when you need. 

Your internal guiding system in the form of your intuition and your emotions are the ones who guide your life. Not facts and numbers and goals.

So when you run a business from your feminine energy and you open to attract and receive, you open to INFINITE ABUNDANCE!

There are no limits to how much money you can receive, how many amazing clients come to you, how much help you get and how many opportunities appear.

Because all of that is not dependent on how much you do, but on how much you are open to receive!

Your worth is not tied up to how many tasks you accomplished today or how many goals you reached. Your worth is UNCONDITIONAL.

Your focus is on ENJOYING life. Every single day.

I have completely changed the way I run my business and running it from my feminine energy has been the game changer.

An overflow of money and abundance come now to me effortlessly, and I feel inspired and relaxed.

Just from using my inspired action, attracting and receiving!

So if you feel you want to make this shift too, this Guide is for YOU!

I created this eBook Guide that focus on:



Attract and receive, and run your own sucessful business

from your radiant feminine energy!

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