Carla founder of The Feminine Energy

Hi beautiful! 🎀

I’m Carla, founder of The Feminine Energy!

I wanted to introduce myself but also tell you why I wanted to create The Feminine Energy.

First of all, because I have spent so many years embodying masculine traits and got to a point where I was exhausted!

I wanted to stop hustling, to live a peaceful life with ease and joy.

At the verge of a breakdown I realised I was so disconnected from my feminine energy. And have been so for decades!

I remember being a child and living from my feminine energy, but that was never encouraged. In fact, what was encouraged was to live from my mind, facts, and ignore my intuition.

I spent years in hustling mode, focused on my career, achievements, external validation, doing, planning, and never feeling fullfilled. 

So when I realized I wasn’t living from my true nature, I decided to heal and to return to my feminine energy, and what a journey it has been!

I returned to my softness, I opened to receive abundance, I decided that my life was going to be lived with ease and grace.

I joined several social media groups related to feminine energy, like on Facebook, but what I felt was although many insights were super helpful, also many were very hard on women.

They would make fun of women who are living from masculine traits, shame women for that, make women feel bad for hustling or for being independent.

I felt that this is NOT how healing occurs.

Especially for women who had already suffered so much in their lives and are awakening to an energy of softness.

You can’t awaken to your softness from being hard on yourself! On the contrary. 

Because being soft and open is probably an energy that has been missing from your life and your body for so long.

So you have to connect and FEEL that energy in order to embody it.

No need to shame or blame a woman because she messaged a man first. Or because she is financially independent and proud of that.

Sometimes we women need to find our strenght on our own first before we open to our feminine energy, so we can receive from others without any co-dependency.

And so I decided to create The Feminine Energy, a space where you won’t be judged, you won’t be shamed, you won’t have anyone being hard on you.

A space of pure feminine and soft energy, so you start to connect with it and start embodying it yourself.

They say that if you want to become rich, surround yourself with rich people. If you want to be fit, surround yourself with fit people.

So if you want to embody your feminine energy, surround yourself with feminine energy. And that’s what this blog is about!

For you to feel feminine, gracious, gorgeous, level-up your life and receive all the abundance you deserve, with ease!

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Welcome! 🎀


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