Beautiful Ideas To Make Your Home More Feminine

You have been embodying your feminine energy and feel the need to make your home look and feel more feminine? These beautiful ideas will help you create a space that will help you connect even further with your femininity. There are many styles to go for, from sophisticated to vintage, minimalist, or boho, you choose […]

Christmas Tree Feminine Decor Ideas

If you are looking to decorate your Christmas tree this year in a more feminine style, you came to the right place! We are talking gold, white and pink accents, complete with bows, donut ornaments, and macaroons, and many other ideas. * Take a look below. Which one are you choosing? Christmas Tree Decoration Want […]

Beautiful Ideas For Feminine Home Décor

Feminine home décor is much more than using pink and pastel colours, is about creating a cozy and welcoming environment. It can envolve different types of design and furniture, some more sophisticated, other more boho or classic. But one of the key elements on feminine home décor is the accessories like curtains, cushions, wallpaper, throws, […]