Beautiful Ideas To Make Your Home More Feminine

You have been embodying your feminine energy and feel the need to make your home look and feel more feminine?

These beautiful ideas will help you create a space that will help you connect even further with your femininity.

There are many styles to go for, from sophisticated to vintage, minimalist, or boho, you choose the style you prefer, or you can combine several styles together.

So get ready to add some softness and beauty to your home:

Place fresh flowers around the house

Adding fresh flowers to your home is a great way to make it look more feminine.

Place them in vases around the house and enjoy the color and the fragrance they provide.

Choose softer tones with touches of pink and gold


To give your home a more feminine and sophisticated look & feel choose softner tones like pastel, light pink and gold.

Put some nice and flowy curtains

Source: Etsy

Add some flowy curtains to your living room and bedrooms, for a very feminine and romantic look.

Add home plants

Every feminine woman is in touch with nature, so bring nature into your home by adding home plants all around.

Flowing chair

Source: Pinterest

Besides looking gorgeous abd being a piece of decor, flowing chairs are great to sit down and read a book or just rest.

Floral wallpaper


Wallpaper can really transform your home! Invest in some good quality wallpaper with flowers and/or soft pink tones for a feminine and romantic look.

Have cushions and throws


Cushions and throws are an easy way to make your home look more feminine and cozy as well as adding splashes of color all around.

Light the candles

Candles make your ambiance more romantic and relaxing, perfect for a home date or just to have a night in and relax.

Hang a luxurious chandelier

A luxurious chandelier is an investment but is a beautiful way to add sophistication, charm and a feminine touch to your home.

Style your bedside and coffee table


Make sure your bedside table and your coffee table are styled with some nice items like flowers, books, candles, and some nice accessories.

Display your jewelry and perfumes

As a feminine woman, you probably like to invest in nice pieces of jewelry that are too beautiful to be hidden inside a drawer.

Put them on display on top of your chest of drawers in your bedroom or on top of a table in the middle of your walking closet.

Add low lights


Add some beautiful lamps around your house on top of tables or on the floor with candles or low lights with warm tones, to give a really cozy and romantic ambiance.

Add kitchen and bathroom accessories


Style your kitchen and your bathroom with gorgeous accessories like vases with flowers, candles, and beautiful utilities.



I don’t know about you, but since I was a little girl I have been obsessed with ruffles!

I love them on my bed set, cushions, curtains, and everywhere really!

Invest in good home air diffusers


Add a beautiful home diffuser to your home with some really nice scents.

Try to choose natural products like doTerra.

Oversized french mirror

If you like vintage furniture, you can’t miss having an oversized french mirror in your bedroom!

Brass bar or tea cart

Sophisticated and incredibly feminine, a bar or tea brass cart is not only practical but a piece of design to decorate your home.

Floral Rug


I absolutely adore floral rugs that look like a painting on the floor! They are feminine and lovely.

French vintage furniture

Source: www.theclassyhome

Again, if you are a fan of vintage decor, you need to add some french vintage furniture to your home like a vanity set!

Flowery bed set with lace

Source: Etsy

How beautiful it is flowery bed sets with lace? You can also have curtains like this!

Chaisse Longue

Invest in a beautiful chaisse longue for a luxurious look and some relaxing reading afternoons.

Tufted accent chair


The tufted accent chair is a must have in the home of any feminine woman, being in the living room or your bedroom.

Tufted headboard


And so it is a tufted headboard, giving a feminine and luxurious look to your bedroom.

Shabby chic accessories

Source: Etsy

If you like shabby chic accessories, get some for your home as they are super feminine! Etsy has some great ideas.

Wall artwork with nature or portraits of women

Source: Etsy

Add some wall artwork showing nature, flowers or paintaings of feminine women.


Source: Etsy

Last but not least, add incense to your home with nice scents like rose or cinnamon.