Book “Embody Your Sensual Feminine Energy”

If you have been in a masculine energy of providing and protecting yourself for a long time and feel exhausted, wanting to step into your feminine energy but not sure how, this book is for you.

So many women feel disconnected from their feminine essence living in survival mode, hustling, and feeling drained and frustrated.

Many women never had the opportunity to cultivate their femininity when they were a child and a teenager, in a world that is so focused on doing and achieving.

So they left our feminine energy on the side and embodied masculine energy in order to survive.

And it is when they hit rock bottom, when they feel exhausted, depressed, questioning if this is all life is, that an awakening takes place.

You become conscious of how disconnected you are from your feminine energy. And a desire to return to it pops up.

When you feel this desire, there’s no turning back.

You start realizing how you are so much in your masculine energy and how that has been playing out in your life in terms of the partners you choose, the friendships you have, the work you do, your lifestyle choices, the money in your account, and your overall life.

You start wanting different. You start wanting a life of ease, of joy, from your feminine essence. 

You want to leave survival mode and start LIVING.

It’s time to start embodying

your sensual feminine energy!

Feminine energy is soft, is sensual, is nurturing!

Is all about living a life of ease, creativity, enjoying the present moment.

It’s also about listening to your needs, to your emotions, living with an open heart and radiating that beautiful feminine energy attracting a life of abundance and joy.

It’s about TRULY LIVING!

The Book “Embody your Sensual Feminine Energy” is the book you need to know how to let go of masculine traits, return to your femininity and live from your divine feminine essence.

This book will help you to make this energetic shift and navigate through the journey.

This is a book for deep healing that will take you through a journey of self-discovery and into a new energy:

1. What is Feminine Energy? The Difference Between Feminine and Masculine Energies

2. The 3 Types of Feminine Energy and How They Act

3. Understanding Why You Disconnected From Your Femininity

4. Removing Masculine Traits and Healing Your Feminine Heart

5. How to Use Both Your Light and Your Dark Feminine Energy To Live Your Best Life

6. The 7 Types of Rest a Feminine Woman Needs

7. Connecting With Your Intuition

8. Your Monthly Cycle and How it Impacts Your Feminine Energy

9. Stepping into Abundance and Prosperity

10. Facing Changes in Your Life and Relationships

11. Dating and Polarity with Men

12. How to Be in Your Feminine Energy as a Single Mom

13. Being a Magnetic Sensual Siren Attracting and Pulling In All You Desire

14. Fourty Ways to Embody Your Sensual Feminine Energy

15. Fifty Feminine Energy Affirmations For Women






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