Limiting Beliefs You Need To Let Go Of To Be Fully In Your Feminine Energy

Women who have been living in survival mode and from masculine traits, always hustling, working hard, and ignoring their feminine essence, usually do so because they have many limiting beliefs around how they need to be.

And usually those limiting beliefs were acquired at a young age, from parents, caregivers, institutions, etc.

They believed they could rely solely on themselves and had to be tough and work hard and put on this armour in order to survive.

When a woman reaches rock bottom and awakens to her feminine energy, this is a major breakthrough in her life.

She realises that she does not have to live life like that, always exhausted, frustrated and resentful, and that she can embrace her feminine side and live a softer life.

That realization is 50% of embodying her feminine energy. The other half is actually doing the inner work required.

And that inner work means releasing outdated limiting beliefs and connecting to herself, to her feelings, monthly cycles and her needs.

This is a process with many layers, it doesn’t happen at the flip of a switch.

As someone who has been in this journey of embodying my feminine energy and creating my best life in the past 12 years, I’ll tell you the major limiting beliefs I have released and that you need to release too if you have them and want to live a softer feminine life:

1. You have to work hard to have what you want or nothing happens

This is the exact limiting belief that keeps you in survival mode, hustling 24/7 and thinking that if you are not productive, nothing will happen.

Men can work hard and be productive all month long, but we women have monthly hormonal cycles that need to be respected.

Our energy is not a straight line. There are times of the month we are full of energy and other times when we need more rest.

Letting go of that “working hard” belief is learn to embrace your nature. To follow your body’s natural rhythm and needs.

And knowing that is not about working hard or more, is about honouring yourself. Is about doing work you enjoy and rest when you need.

In fact, when you are working hard all the time and feeling exhausted, you are blocking abundance. When you start to honour your needs, you open the gates to true abundance and prosperity.

2. You cannot be strong and soft at the same time

Many women in their wounded feminine function in extremes. They think that they have to be either strong and independent or soft and dependent.

But feminine energy is all about balance.

Is about finding balance in you and in your life.

Yes you can and you should be a strong and independent woman. That’s how you become whole and have a great relationship with yourself, letting go of co-dependent patterns.

But, you can also be soft and open to receive from other people. Basically when you find balance, you choose when you want to be strong and when you want to be soft.

It’s not about external factors anymore. It’s about your own internal compass.

3. You cannot rely on other people to help you

A woman in survival mode and in her wounded feminine believes she is alone in the world ad cannot trust other people to help her, because others will either disappoint her, make empty promises that are never fulfilled, or just trick her and sabotage her.

Usually this comes from not being able to trust your own parents or caregivers when you were a child.

To release this limiting belief you need to start having boundaries and standards and trust yourself!

Trust that now you know better and you can see people for who they really are choose consciously who to trust.

When you trust yourself to make good choices on who you accept in your life, you start attracting other types of people that are reliable and have your highest good as a priority.

4. Feminine energy is passive and weak

Many people believe that feminine energy is doing nothing. Whilst masculine energy is an external energy based on external action, with feminine energy the action is internal.

Is not passive at all. It attracts instead of working hard.

Is based on intuition and inner wisdom and it moves when and if is the right time.

Unfortunately we live in a society that praises doing and achieving all the time, and internal energy is not praised.

But moving according to your inner wisdom is where feminine strenght comes from, and how you create your best abundant life.

5. Other people will leave me if I become soft

If you want to fully embody your feminine energy and live a softer life, you need to be aware that your relationships will change.

But that is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of. In fact your new energy will vet people fast!

Those people that used to be in your life to take from you and push you into masculine energy, won’t be a match to your energy anymore.

Those people will either evolve with you and the relationships will transform, ot they’ll fall out of your life all together, leaving the space empty for new more aligned people to enter.

6. If you are vulnerable people will take advantage of you

This is a big one. Many women who live in their wounded feminine do not know how to be vulnerable or what that even means.

They struggle to express how they feel and their needs.

They put on this armour and never show themselves fully because they are afraid that if they express themselves others will take advantage of them.

Yes being vulnerable exposes yourself. But it is also what creates intimacy with the right people.

No one can take anything from you or take advantage of you if you don’t let them and have boundaries and standards (what probably was lacking in your life before).

In fact, people who are abusers prefer women who are guarded and not vulnerable, because they prey on fear.

A woman who stands tall and expresses her emotions and her needs out loud and only accepts in her life people who honour it, is a repellent to abusers because they cannot take anything from her. She is in receiving mode.

These are the main limiting beliefs preventing you from opening up and embodying your feminine energy. I hope this brings you clarity in your journey, because we can only release what we are conscious about.

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