How To Use Your Feminine Energy to Have Abundance and Prosperity

Many women nowadays live a lot of time in their masculine energy, which is actually praised for in society.

The doing, achieving, working, hustling, is what is commonly known as the “normal” in order to make money and drive life forward.

But what happens for many women is that they are using their masculine energy at work either by working in a job or running their own businesses, and then continue to be in their masculine energy taking care of the kids, the house, working out, etc.

And if they are single moms, then the work never ends.

So many women are simply exhausted of being so much in this masculine energy. 

And they feel that they have abundance and money but it is always limited, it never goes beyond a certain point.

And the few times when they rest in their feminine energy, they just feel guilty or like blocking abundance by not doing much.

When in fact it is this limiting belief that if you are resting in your feminine energy you are blocking abundance, that is truly blocking the abundance in your life.

Like you cannot manifest abundance, money, prosperity, from your feminine energy. THIS is a limiting belief you need to shift.

We are multi dimensional beings and we have both masculine and feminine energy, and when we embrace both energies in us, that’s when we can call in full abundance and prosperity.

Otherwise you’ll be limited to a certain amount of money or opportunities, and will only manifest when working hard, which is not a joyful life at all!

This is especially true for women, because as women we were not designed to be in our masculine energy most of the time, hustling and using much effort.

We were designed to receive, to flow, to allow.

So it is important to start making the connection between feminine energy and abundance.

It is important for you to realise that:

– When you are resting you are in abundance

– When you are taking care of you, you are in abundance

– When you are being instead of doing, you are in abundance

– When you are receiving, you are in abundance

True abundance and an overflow of prosperity is only possible when you open your feminine energy to receive it.

Because abundance is your true nature.

If you are a woman and are too much in your masculine energy you block it.

Also, being a woman and too much in your masculine energy hustling and exhausting yourself means that deep down you don’t feel worthy of receiving effortlessly.

It’s like you always have to prove you deserve it by doing.

Always have to prove you deserve it by “making it happen”.

But abundance also wants to come to you effortlessly. And that’s where the secret to a true prosperous life at all levels are.

When you just decide that you are abundant ALWAYS. And you open up to receive.

Money is a masculine energy

Masculine energy is all about providing and protecting.

And money comes into your life to provide for you and protect you.

Everytime you use your money to buy something, you are allowing money to provide for you.

So, in order to manifest large sums and an overflow of money, guess what? You need to step into your feminine energy and let money provide for you.

This means using your money not just to pay bills and groceries, but to take care of yourself as well.

Money LOVES to provide for you!

So use your money to take care of your feminine energy, by resting, going for a massage, go on some nice holidays, do a manicure, etc.

Money wants to take care of you.

And remove that guilt that when you are resting in your feminine energy you are not working for abundance, because that is when you are truly living it!

Open to receive

It is important to use your own masculine energy in healthy ways, like for example to do inspired work or take care of your kids, but is also important to allow yourself to receive from the Universe and others, and not be providing your energy all the time.

For example, true masculine men are providers. They thrive in providing for women, so rest in your feminine energy and let them!

Also allow the Universe to provide for you in so many ways and from so many people. Don’t think you have to do everything yourself, even if you are single.

Learning to rest in your feminine energy and receive abundance because you are worthy of it it’s an art you need to master if you want to live a truly happy and abundant life.

How do you do that? By just being. Allowing. Flowing. 

And letting the Law of Attraction take care of it for you.

Use Masculine Structures to Support You

Many women ask at this point: but this means I will be sitting on the sofa doing nothing all day long and expecting to receive everything?

Not at all.

Energy needs to flow.

But when you come from feminine and abundance energy, you don’t do things or do work that exhaust yourself.

You follow divine inspiration to create. You do things with ease, creativity and flow.

And you use masculine structures to support you.

You use things like tools, apps, calendars, outsourcing help, schedulers, house cleaners, have meals and shopping delivered, etc, to support and create a container so you feel supported and can be happily creating without having to worry.

Become a magnet

When you embody your feminine energy and you radiate it to the outside, guess what? That energy will come back to you in the form of manifesting your desires and all you want.

This is active feminine energy. Think about the sirens in Greek Mythology. They radiate feminine energy, they put that energy out by singing and men go crazy feeling attracted to them.

They are not pushing or forcing anything to happen. They are just radiating and pulling in what they desire.

So when you combine inspired action that makes you feel awesome and joyful with opening up to receive, BOOM! You have the formula to live an abundant and wealthy life from your feminine energy!

Basically you become the energy you want to attract and all will come to you.

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