Top Traits of a High Value Feminine Woman

I truly believe a high value woman have always been a high value feminine woman. 

Some women just take some time and life experiences to figure it out, and step into that amazing vibration of self, where abundance and all good things in life are.

Because above everything else, being a high value feminine woman is a mindset. Is choosing yourself in your own life, being open and feeling deserving of everything amazing.

It means that your mind heart and intuition are fully aligned and you live a life of purpose and high vibration.

Here are the top traits of a high value woman:

1. She is Her Top Priority

A high value feminine woman knows she is her main asset. She knows she has the power inside her to create her reality and manifest everything she wants in her life.

So, she puts herself as her top priority at all times.

She knows that self-love is the basis of living an amazing life, so she takes care of herself every day: her body, mind and her emocional state are key in order for her to live her life fully.

So she listens to herself and her body: she works when she is inspired and she rests when she needs to. She fills her cup first and only gives to others when the cup is overflowing.

She treats herself with respect, care and all the good things in life.

2. She surrounds herself only with high value people

A high value feminine woman knows that her environment influences her as well as the people in her life. 

So she chooses carefully whom she allows into her life and her energy.

Only people who are aligned with her mindset and goals are part of her life. That is why she is careful when choosing friends, colleagues or business partners, dating prospects, a romantic partner and even family members.

She only chooses people who treat her as well as she treats herself: with respect, integrity, honesty and consistency.

She also only chooses people who support her in her goals and dreams, and with whom she feels she can 100% be herself and feel comfortable. 

Anyone else who is not aligned or has a lack and scarcity mindset, she simply says no and walks away. 

Either people step up to her level or they leave. A high feminine value woman never steps down to meet anyone.

3. She is ambitious and has high standards

A high value feminine woman wants the best in life. She knows she deserves it just by being on this planet.

Also, she knows that the more abundance she lives in, the more good she can give back to the world.

She loves money because it allows her to expand in the world, to have amazing experiences and live her best life.

So she is ambitious and knows the Universe doesn’t have limitations. Actually, she gets rid of any limiting beliefs that can hold her back.

She is always dreaming and visualizing what she wants for her life, and creating her reality by taking action in the direction of her dreams and goals.

A normal woman makes decisions based on where she is. A high feminine value woman makes decisions based on who she wants to be.

4. A high value feminine woman has a balance of both feminine and masculine energies

A high value feminine woman has a balance of both feminine and masculine energies and she knows when to use one or the other.

She knows when to use her masculine energy and take action in the direction of her dreams, through building her own business, working out at the gym, etc, and just make it happen.

But she also knows when to step into her feminine energy of receiving. 

Of just leaning back and being open to receive all the good things in life, being from the Universe, from her friends, clients, or from an amazing masculine man who loves to provide for her.

And she receives with a sense of grace and gratitude.

5. A high value feminine woman has boundaries

A high value feminine woman is playful, light, kind, and easy to be around. 

She exudes a warmth that is a magnet for other people who want to be around her.

But, as stated before, she has high standards and she only chooses high value people to be around her.

A high value woman has firm boundaries and only accepts people who respect them, as well as she respects other’s.

She voices her boundaries out loud in a way that gets her point across while still being nice.

There is no drama or any kind of nagging with a high value feminine woman. She states her boundaries and if others don’t respect and listen to her, she leaves.

A high value feminine woman also knows to say no. She never compromises her well-being to please others. She knows that when she says no to something or someone she doesn’t want, she is saying yes to herself.

6. She takes good care of herself and her appearance

A high value feminine woman prioritizes her well-being.

She knows that in order to live her best life, she needs to be on top of her game.

That is why she eats healthy, she exercises, she takes care of her body and her mind, she only wears clothes that compliment her body shape and makes her feel beautiful, she takes care of her hair and her skin.

She chooses high quality in everything in her life, from the food she eats to where she lives, the car she drives, the clothes she wears.

She invests in her appearance doing manicures, pedicures, beauty treatments, everything that is available to make her look and feel her best self. Because she deserves it.

Above all, she knows that when she looks good, she feels good. And that’s all that matters to her at the end of the day.

7. She is in touch with her intuition

A high value feminine woman learned how to listen to her intuition, honour it and follow it.

She uses her intuition to create her best life because she knows it contains all the wisdom she needs. 

And she also already learned that she doesn’t need proof that what her intuition is telling her is true. She trusts it wholeheartedly.

She uses her intuition to drive her own business forward, to vet people, places to go, opportunities that arise, etc.

She is in contact with herself and how she feels at all times, and that is much more important than any external facts.

She knows that as long as she listens to and follows her intuition, her life can only be amazing.

8. She is always evolving as a person

A high value feminine woman cares about her personal development. 

She knows we are always evolving as human beings, so she acknowledges any limiting beliefs or patterns she might have and does her inner work needed to release it and change into more positive and high vibrational beliefs.

She pays attention to the magic around her: the messages she hears from the Universe, signs from above she comes across with, and she knows that happens to help her in her evolutionary path.

A high value feminine woman is also always seeking to learn more and see things from other perspectives that can help her expand her mind and her life further. 

She is highly intelligent and is always seeking ways to know more about investing her money, create or drive her business forward, how to take proper care of her body, how to date online, etc. 

She knows knowledge is power.

9. She loves money

A high value feminine woman knows that money is her friend in this world and is what allows her to expand in this physical life.

She also knows money allows her to enjoy the beautiful and fine things life has to offer and that she deserves.

So she welcomes money with open arms from all different sources. 

A high value feminine woman doesn’t work hard for her money, she follows her true passions in life and let money follow her.

She knows how to manage her money, how to make money, and knows that investing and saving are an important part of her life.

And above all, she has fun with her money! She spends, invests and saves her money with fun and gratitude, knowing that the more fun and gratitude she has, more money comes her way.

A high value feminine woman has a mindset of abundance and prosperity, and therefore she is a magnet for money.

10. She only dates high value men

When it comes to dating, a high value feminine woman does not settle for less than what she deserves or for any kind of disrespect.

She knows her worth and how much her presence and energy is high value to any man.

She knows the more important relationship in her life will always be with herself, and all other relationships have to be a mirror of the high vibration and love she lives in.

So she vets the men she meets and she only chooses high value men: the ones who treat her like a queen, who respect her, have integrity and maturity, and are truly interested in knowing her.

That is why men have to earn a place in her life and she is smart enough to know that only with time and consistency you can truly meet someone, so she doesn’t commit too fast.

A high value woman takes her time to get to know someone, and let them show themselves to her. 

She is light and fun to be with but she has firm boundaries in place and anyone who doesn’t respect them is immediately out.

A high value woman wants to find her king. Someone to grow with, to help each other evolve, to create amazing things together and to share true love from the heart.


As mentioned before, all high value feminine women have always been high value women since the day they were born.

The difference is that for some women they were raised as high value, and for other women they were raised differently and they have to go through life experiences so they can find out who they truly are.

But at the end of the day, a high value woman has a heart of gold and that will always lead her back to where she belongs.

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