How a Feminine Woman Can Use Masculine Energy To Find the Right Man

A lot is being talked about nowadays about polarity in a relationship, and a feminine woman being submissive to a masculine man’s lead.

First of all, it is important to notice that being “submissive” and letting a man lead and take decisions is NOT about controlling and abuse.

In fact, it is the opposite.

A high value feminine woman wants a man who cherishes her, who prioritizes her needs and treats her like a queen.

Only emasculated and week man control and abuse women.

So it is important when talking about being feminine and submissive and following a man’s lead to point out that is NOT to all men!

A high value woman does all that to a masculine man who cherishes, values and cares for her.

To a man who treats her like less than, she WALKS AWAY!

There’s no being submissive and asking permission and etc to a man who doesn’t treat you right.

I feel that is important to mention because for a woman self-love and self-respect comes before any man.

If a woman doesn’t know when she is safe to be submissive and is submissive regardless she is putting herself up to being abused.

So I absolutely love polarity but this needs to be addressed. Same to men who should not be devoted and provide and care for a woman who doesn’t respect them.

From what I know and experienced, there are 3 levels of feminine energy: the helpless, the provider and the goddess.

In the first one, a woman is totally insecure and helpless and open to abuse of any kind. In the second the woman is in her masculine energy, she provides por herself and protects, and the 3rd one is the healed one when she is fully open and in her feminine energy and radiance.

But a woman cannot go from helpless to goddess, she has to go through her masculine energy stage in order to learn to have boundaries and discernment and trust her very own masculine energy.

Only after that she can then fully embody her feminine energy and radiance, and recognise a healthy masculine man as her partner to submit to.

Many women try to go from helpless to goddess and that is why they submit to the wrong men. They don’t know how to distinguish them.

And they think that for example a man leading with sex early on or deciding her schedule early on is leading, when is just abuse.

So, you simply cannot jump levels.

Many people talk badly nowadays about a woman being in her masculine energy, but many women need that stage.

She needs to learn to trust her very own masculine energy so she can then later trust masculine energy in general and in a partner.

She needs to know how it is to provide for herself, and also let others provide for her and the Universe in general provide for her in a healthy way that feels good and safe.

This is especially important for women who did not have healthy providers as parents. Or had a narcissistic mom/dad who manipulated them as in providing only when they “behave” a certain way.

So learning to being in that masculine energy herself and learning to provide and protect herself is key.

That knowledge is what later will help her embody her feminine energy and help her choose the right masculine partner, not just any partner.

She’l learn to trust her intuition, and listen to how her body feels next to a man.

She’ll feel her masculine energy of protection rising next to an abusive or emasculated man who doesn’t feel safe, and she’ll feel her feminine energy and radiance shine next to a healthy masculine man who truly cares for her.

The goddess feminine woman trusts how she feels and doesn’t even question her intuition.

So she knows how to distinguish the right men from the ones who are not right for her easily.

She trusts her masculine energy and lets her very own masculine energy take the lead when needed to protect her.

This doesn’t mean she needs to step into her masculine energy and be agressive, she just stays in her feminine energy and simply leaves a situation which is not right for her.

Everything happens for a reason.

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