The 3 Types of Feminine Energy and the Men They Attract

The 3 Types of Feminine Energy and the Men They Attract

Many women are awakening to their own feminine energy and this is a topic very much discussed nowadays.

There are 3 major patterns and types of feminine energy, although of course there are many variants in between these 3 types, with their own expression.

In this article we discuss those 3 major types, how they play out and the type of men women in these 3 types tend to attract and accept in their lives.

The Helpless Woman

This is the most common wounded feminine energy.

This is the woman who is not in touch with her masculine energy and cannot provide for herself (or provides on only a very basic level) so she is in survival mode.

She has a very wounded feminine energy so she is not capable of receiving either, so she basically feels helpless.

She becomes co-dependent of others: her children, friends, boyfriend, spouse, etc.

She is usually anxious (she has an anxious attachment system) because she is either in a true or in a perceveid survival mode.

She is always affraid others will leave her (due to some abandonment issues from childhood), money will run out, and she’ll end up alone.

Type of men she attracts

Because she is not emotionally available, she attracts men who are also not emotionally available aka avoidants (people with an avoidant attachment system).

This type of man is very inconsistent and closed off. He will be in and out just like a rollercoaster ride, and that will just continually activate her nervous system, which keeps her feeling more helpless and in survival mode and constant drama.

The Provider Woman

This is the woman who takes the “just do it” at full speed.

She is on it. She hustles, she provides, she reaches goals, she does it all.

And she doesn’t have much space for feminine energy.

She learned that to survive she has to provide for herself, so she entered into a very masculine energy of doing.

She entered into this energy either from a young age, or later on after a divorce becoming a single mom or other major happening.

She is determined to prove to herself and others that she is independent and doesn’t need anyone.

It’s very rare that she is in her feminine energy, although she can look very feminine and looking the part. But her energy is masculine, even between family, friends and with men.

She doesn’t know how to rest. How to receive from others.

This type of woman has the capacity to build very successful businesses or go up the career ladder at a company and make lots of money, but she will feel exhausted and lonely.

And although most often this type of woman won’t be in survival mode due to her great efforts to provide for herself, she also very often is in a perceived survival mode.

This means that although she pays all her bills and has money for all she needs, she is constantly in a state of fear of lacking what she needs, like she will be doomed if she relaxes and doesn’t apply so much effort at providing for herself, which is just an illusion she feeds.

This type of woman misses her feminine energy (conciously or unconciously), and she lacks boundaries because very often she is also a people pleaser.

Type of men she attracts

She attracts men who are either very much in their feminine energy who probably had masculine energy mothers who did everything for them, she will also do everything for him and the relationship will have a very mother energy to it, or she will attract the predator types, who very often come to her life pretending to be providers, but they will suck her energy dry by taking from her.

She eventually gets fed up of the feminine energy man because deep down she feels something is missing and she desires a masculine man, and she will also realise she is being taken advantage from the predator type and will kick him out without mercy, but will attract and accept a similar man just with a different name and face due to her masculine provider energy.

The Feminine Goddess

This is the woman who is fully in her feminine energy, either because of the way she was raised or because she worked in herself and healed her feminine wounds.

She still has and uses her masculine energy but the healthy kind, which she uses to protect her and she channels to her work or to take care of her children.

But her main leading energy is feminine, which is all about receiving, flowing, enjoying life.

She learned that she doesn’t need to hustle hard to have abundance in her life, she knows how to rest and let the Universe provide for her.

Yes she still does work that is aligned and makes her feel awesome, but from inspired action.

With others she is in her joyful feminine energy, she is kind and soft. But she has strong boundaries.

She listens to her intuition, and she follows it. She doesn’t allow anyone in her life who doesn’t treat her right.

This is the Priestess. The woman who is fully in her power manifesting her desires with ease and fun, whilst being soft and kind. She lives in pure abundance and prosperity, knowing she is fully supported at all times.

The type of men she attracts

Feminine energy men, predators and emotionally unavailable men are repelled by a feminine energy Goddess because she is emotionally available and open, she has boundaries and she doesn’t provide for men.

She lets a true masculine man provide for her. The type of man who is also embodying his healthy masculine energy and wants to protect and provide for the goddess in her life, from his heart.

He treats her like royalty, and he melts into her soft and kind feminine energy, which makes their life together amazing.

Please note: the types of men these 3 types of feminine energy attract is not just specific to men or romantic relationships.

It also applies to the type of friends, colleagues, and other types of people they attract into their lives, all with similar patterns to the men they attract.

So, the Helpless woman will attract friends, colleagues or business partners and other people who will be emotionally unavailable and not be there for her or she won’t be fully “seen” by them.

The Provider woman will attract friends and colleagues or business partners and other people who will take advantage of her being very hard working and feed on her energy. She will go far and beyond doing things for these people because she lacks boundaries.

The Goddess woman will attract friends and colleagues or business partners and other people who will treat her with respect and kindness, because that is how she treats herself.

Many women live their whole lives in one of these 3 types, and also many women go through the 3 types in different stages in their lives, as they are healing and evolving, letting go of limiting beliefs and old patterns.

It’s very common for a woman to be in her Helpless energy for a big period of her life, especially when she is younger, then go through a spiritual awakening and step into the Provider mode, learning to give to herself everything she needs.

It will also come a time where this type of woman already knows she is not helpless and has the power to create the life she wants, but she is exhausted and she feels like abundance is always limited for her.

That is when she has a feminine energy awakening, and opens up to the fullness of life. To receive in abundance from the masculine energy, which she learns how to trust.

She starts resting and trusting, and even her work starts to be done with more ease, she opens up to receiving, from money (which is a masculine energy), from the Universe, from other people and from a wonderful provider man.

And that’s when she fully steps into real abundance and prosperity with happiness and overflow.

The ulimate goal is always to reach balance and happiness, and live with joy and ease.

To let go of programmes that are running unconsciously and stop repeating dysfunctional patterns, and start living consiously and from the heart.

Returning to your true self.

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