Feminine Energy and the Law of Attraction: Manifesting Your Desires

The Law of Attraction exists whether you are aware of it or not, and is always at work.

You attract not what you want, but what you give attention and energy to, what you believe, and, most important, who you are.

You are manifesting all the time, all day, everyday. Nothing of what happens to you is random.

Knowing this gives you an amazing conscience of how powerful you are.

How every single one of us have the power inside to create the life we want and desire. You are not at mercy of what life throws at you, but you are a powerful creator of your reality.

In this post we’ll talk on how to create all you desire and manifest your best life using feminine energy and the law of attraction:

From survival mode to thriving mode

Many women spent their entire lives ignoring how they feel, because they learn that working hard and hustling and sacrificing is how life is.

Maybe they acquired this belief from their own parents, from friends, institutions, etc.

So they work hard for their money, and they are always on doing mode, very often exhausted and frustrated.

Why? Because they are operating most of the time from their masculine energy, in doing mode.

Women do have masculine energy but this works in a very different way than for men.

Men have higher testosterone and can be on doing mode for a long time everyday. Women on the other hand have a lower amount of testosterone and have monthly hormonal cycles that very often requires more rest.

So pushing and working hard and continuing to do this all month long makes a woman exhausted and drained, limiting her power of manifestating her desires.

When a woman is using her masculine energy most of the time, she is not following her true design.

And when she is not following her true design, she hits a wall over and over again. Either she can’t manifest more or what she truly wants, or she does but at the cost of her health and mental sanity. That’s not living!

Masculine energy in a woman should serve only to support her feminine energy. Not to live there most of the time.

When a woman awakes to this awareness and decides to embody and live from her feminine energy instead, that’s when her power of attraction becomes big and magnetic.

That’s when she can leave survival mode behind and start truly living and thriving, manifesting her best life!

How to use your feminine energy to attract and manifest all you desire

A woman in her feminine power is a woman who attracts instead of chasing.

She doesn’t work hard, she doesn’t hustle, she doesn’t force and push.

Her priority is how she feels and her well being.

When a woman is in survival mode she basically doesn’t trust anyone or anything. She believes she is on her own and needs to be productive all the the time, otherwise her life will collapse.

Her nervous system is always switched on.

She doesn’t open space for the Universe to help her because she doesn’t trust.

On the other hand when she starts embodying her feminine energy and she starts trusting, she becomes magnetic. She opens space for magic to happen. For the Universe to help her.

She becomes like the sirens of the Greek mythology. They weren’t chasing, forcing or working hard to attract the men. They were just singing, enjoying life and spreading their wounderful energy, attracting like magnets and making the men crazy to chase them.

So if you feel like doing this transition in your life, you’ll have to open up to receive.

A woman in survival mode is closed off to receive. A woman in her feminine energy is open to receive all the goodness of the Universe!

And she doesn’t feel she needs to work hard for it!

From working hard to enjoy life

If you have been believing all your life that life is struggle and you need to work hard for money and things, this new concept will completely change your life!

A woman in her feminine energy doesn’t believe in working hard or feeling bad or being in doing mode all the time.

Her focus is on feeling good and enjoying life. In enjoying the manifestation journey.

She respects herself and has high standards, so she only accepts to do what she loves and what makes her feel great!

No more hustling, no more working hard, no more pushing and forcing.

She does what feels good to her. She rests when she needs. She asks for help on the things she doesn’t enjoy doing, or she delegates or pays someone to help.

Feeling GOOD is her priority!

Instead of chasing goals and completing a to-do list everyday in robot mode, she starts to focus on enjoying what she does.

In living a sensual life. In feeling life through all her senses in the present moment.

She slows down.

Rushing is just an illusion that you don’t have enough time. When you slow down and enjoy your time, you realise that you have more than enough time and everything gets done.

When you start listening to yourself and putting your well being first, your nervous system can relax.

That is when you can start feeling SAFE! Knowing all is taken care of and the Universe has your back.

When you make this shift inside you, your external life will change too.

Opportunities will start to appear. New people will come into your life to help. Money will be attracted to you like a magnet.

You’ll be saying no easily to what and whom drains you, you’ll rest when you need, you’ll be putting yourself first.

Because you are honouring yourself!

Sometimes these changes are big, sometimes they are gradual. Depende on your timeline, because we all have different timeline and beliefs.

You can also create a vision board on Pinterest or a physical one to put in your house with all you wish to manifest!

When you focus on struggle and working hard, tou attract more struggle and things to work hard for. But when you focus on feeling good, the Universe will bring you more things to feel good and enjoy.

Like attracts like.

You become a magnet attracting your desires and your best life.

At first it might seem weird, or you might feel guilty of not working so hard anymore, but overtime you’ll change internally and it will become your new normal.

This is basically changing from a mindset and energy of lack and scarcity and stepping into a mindset of abundance and prosperity.

You are in your feminine power!

And feminine power is not hard and loud. Is soft and gentle.

You are open to receive without having to prove your worth or that you deserve this or that. Your desires are enough in order to have what you want.

And now you can live on your own terms and decide how you want to live.

The more you honour yourself and feeling good, the more your life will align and the more you get used to feeling safe and supported.

Your energy will become stronger and higher, and you’ll be able to manifest more and faster. There are no more limits like before.

Using the law of attraction in your feminine energy focuses on a more nurturing and gentle connection with the Universe, allowing you to manifest your desires gracefully and softly.

The Law of Attraction requires you to listen and trust

Very often we don’t manifest immediately what we want. We manifest what we need to get to what we want.

For example if you want to manifest your dream house, sometimes the Universe doesn’t bring you that dream house immediately.

Ir brings you a business idea that will translate into an abundance of money to buy your dream house.

Ot it brings you a smaller house first, that later on you can rent and buy another smaller house and rent it again, and build a portfolio of properties that will pay for your dream house.

Or bring you a wonderful and living partner and together build your dream house.

So instead of focusing so much on what you want, pay attention everyday on what surrounds you, the opportunities that appear, the conversations you hear, the people you meet.

And also listen to and follow your intuition.

Using the power of your intuition

Intuition is the internal guiding system of a feminine woman.

A woman that is her survival mode living from her masculine traits, is a woman disconnected from her intuition. She doesn’t listen to it or knows how to listen. And she doesn’t trust it most of the time. She trusts facts.

That is why she ends up in dodgy situations that don’t honour her.

A woman in her feminine energy is connected to her body and to her heart. Connected to how she feels.

So because she listens to herself all the time, it’s easy to her to listen to her intuition. And following it.

She trusts her inner wisdom and she follows what she knows is her truth inside, even if others don’t agree or goes against “facts”.

Because she knows that all she needs to guide her is inside her.

Here are some important affirmations to help you make your transiction:

– I am worthy of living my desires

– My desires are important

– I trust myself and the Universe

– I am open to receive

– I let others help me

– I have the power to create the life I want

– I let go of hustling, working hard, and anything that doesn’t honour my feminine energy

– I am lovable

– I can rest and receive at the same time

– I am taken care of at all times

– Money loves me and comes to me effortlessly

– I have high standards and boundaries

– I trust and follow my intuition

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