How To Open Your Heart So More Love Can Get In

How To Open Your Heart So More Love Can Get In

The most potent, naturally healing vibration in this universe is that of love. 

Love is the source of all things fine and beautiful in life and it is an energy that can be used to create miracles in your otherwise ordinary life. But going through complicated life situations, most of us build strong barriers around our hearts. 

We do this to protect ourselves from more heart breaks and disappointments.

While the rationale behind this self-protection mechanism may be right, it comes with its own disadvantages. 

When your heart is not open, you cannot let in love or be in your feminine energy, receptive to this magical frequency that might transform your life in ways you could never have imagined. 

So, even if it feels a little difficult at first, you must make an effort to open your heart so that you can be a receiver of love.

Here are 5 powerful ways to do so:

  1. Embrace Yourself

Having a closed heart means you are not accepting life as it is. And in the realm of conscious living there is nothing more important than first accepting and embracing yourself just the way you are.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience on this planet so this journey will never be smooth. All of us make mistakes and have parts of ourselves that we don’t like.

But it’s high time that you let go of those old narratives about you and prioritize yourself. 

You are doing the best you can and you deserve to be loved no matter what! 

  1. Release Repressed Emotions

The emotions we don’t confront or process in a timely fashion, embed themselves in our conscience and lead to a closed heart.

So, if you too have old emotions stuck in your body and mind, you need to give them a safe passage out.

Indulge in a therapeutic practice like meditation, yoga or journaling and let all the repressed emotions come to surface. As they start rising to the level of your conscious awareness, make a heart felt intention of releasing them from your mind, body and soul.

  1. Let Go of the Past

Your past relationships might be the biggest reason as to why you are not receptive to love anymore. But you must remember that every relationship you have ever been a part of came your way to teach you some valuable lessons.

So, reflect on your relationships, extract the lessons and then let go of those feelings for good. Open your heart and mind to new relationships that will be so much more fulfilling now just because you learnt your lessons well. 

  1. Start Practicing Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful tool to help you navigate through the hurt of the past, process the stuck emotions and fully open your heart. 

A few minutes of deep breathing everyday will ensure that you are open and receptive to the nourishing frequency of love.

Here is a simple method of doing breathwork by yourself in the comfort of your home.

  • Sit in a quiet place with your back erect and gently close your eyes.
  • Focus your attention on your heart area.
  • Take deep breaths with a full inhale and exhale for each breath. 
  • Keep breathing slowly with your attention focused on your heart for a good 5 minutes.

Once you feel completely relaxed, feel free to open your eyes and go about your day as usual. 

  1. Lean Onto People You Love

If you desire to let love into your life, it’s important to seek emotional support from your loved ones. 

While it’s good to put up a brave face for the world, still you need a few people around you who you can trust in your weak moments. Share with them how you feel and don’t be afraid of coming off as vulnerable. 

You are only human and until you don’t accept your vulnerable side, you won’t be able to lead an authentic, heart-centered life!


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