100 Feminine Energy Affirmations to Awaken Your Power Within

Embodying and living from your feminine energy is nothing more than an activation within you.

You don’t have to ‘learn how to be feminine”. You ARE already feminine!

What you need to do is to activate that energy that has been dormant inside you for a long time, whilst you were living in survival mode and from masculine traits most of the time.

Are you ready? then you’ll love this post!

I have collected in this article 100 divine feminine energy affirmations and quotes to awaken your feminine power within!

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that can be used as tools to help you shift your energy from where you are to where you want to be.

When you read and repeat these affirmations in the present tense, you can feel their powerful energy.

You can feel the emotions connected to being in your powerful feminine energy. Those emotions connect you to your feminine essence and help you shift your identity. Yes they are that powerful!

You are basically re-programming your subconscious mind by replacing thoughts of how you feel now about yourself with positive thoughts of who you truly are.

You are speaking your desired reality into existence, and you are also healing within.

You can read these affirmations, speak them out loud, and you can also re-read them at a time where you feel you are leaning too much into masculine energy and need to return to your balance.

Let’s start!

1. Feminine energy is leaning back, knowing that everything comes to you effortlessly

2. I am stepping into me divine feminine power

3. I respect my masculine energy but choose to live most of the time from my feminine essence

4. I am open to receive with ease

5. The more joy you experience, the more magnetic your feminine energy becomes

6. I don’t need to prove my worth, I am worthy already

7. From now on I live life on my own terms

8. I refuse anyone and anything that doesn’t honor my feminine energy

9. I do not allow anyone to push me to masculine energy

10. I take good care of myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually

11. I ask for help when I need or want it

12. I love to receive compliments!

13. I am nurturing, kind and empathic

14. I am capable of creating the beautiful life I deserve to live, with ease and joy

15. I deserve to live a soft and easy life

16. I express my femininity every day in many beautiful ways

17. I do less and attract more

18. I embrace and connect with my sensuality

19. My chakras are open and balanced in divine harmony

20. Self-love is the basis of my feminine energy and I am my priority.

21. When I am resting I know I am still being provided for

22. I only do work from inspired action and from my creativity and joy

23. I am free to choose what I want and live life on my own terms

24.  I honour all my emotions and I allow myself to feel them all

25. I listen to my body and I rest and recharge when I need

26. The Universe is working for my highest good (God / Higher Power)

27. I don’t chase, I attract

28. Money loves to support me

29.  I am always feminine whatever I am wearing or doing

30. My feminine energy is personal and unique, just like me

31. My soul knows the way

32. I trust my inner wisdom more than I trust facts

33. I am the creator of the life of my dreams

34. Abundance is my birth right

35. I have high standards and I accept nothing but the best for me

36. I embody lighthearted energy

37. I cultivate and praise my inner peace

38. It’s fun to be creative and bring my ideas to life

39.  I embrace my authentic self

40. I let go of hard masculine ways of living and embrace soft feminine joy

41. Self love and self worth are key in my life

42. I am worthy of having a masculine partner who adores me and treats me as his dream woman

43. Embodying my feminine energy is the healing I need

44. I am worthy of living my best life just for existing and for desiring so

45. My feminine intuition is the compass of my life

46. I am in alignment with who I truly am inside

47. I live in abundance, prosperity and overflow of good things

48. I am comfortable in my own skin

49. I embrace both my light and my dark feminine energy

50. I say yes and no easily with no explanations or excuses

51. I am on a journey to become the most me I can be

52. I love to be playful everyday

53. I am grateful for my life

54. I am gentle with myself

55. I honour who I had to be in my past, I welcome who I want to be now

56. My calming presence helps those around me feel peace

57. I have high standards and boundaries

58. I only accept in my life those who match my inner peace

59. I am deserving of a healthy masculine partner who adores me

60. I can listen to others but I always follow my intuition

61. I love to pamper and spoil myself!

62. I level up and so I want better for me, my life and my loved ones

63. I make time for the things that make me happy

64. I rest and recharge everyday and everytime I need, not just on weekend or holidays

65. I honor my emotions and express easily how I feel

66. I am destined for greatness

67. I am confident in my body

68. I embody goddess energy

69. I am beautiful the way I am

70. I release any limiting beliefs and my energy levels go up

71. I am already feminine and always have been

72. My feminine energy is a personal and intimate relationship with myself

73. I listen to my needs and I honour them

74. I do not need any external validation from others for my choices

75. I remove the masculine armour and I reveal myself to me and to the world

76. I have lots of fun creating my dream life!

77. I let go of hustling, working hard and exhausting myself

78. I honour my softness

79. I live life in a sensual way, engaging all my senses in everything I do

80. Life flows for me and I am always secure

81. I live life in the present moment

82. I let go of rushing everywhere

83. I live my life slowly, savouring every precious moment

84. I only accept friendships with people who are aligned with me

85. There is purpose, intention, and power in each step that I take

86. My life purpose is to live in joy every single day

87. I can be both soft and strong at the same time

88. I trust that I am always safe and provided for

89. I pay attention to the signs and opportunities that cross my way every day

90. I give permission to my inner goddess to work her magic

91. I am so grateful for the wisdom of my intuition

92. This is the time to step fully into my power!

93. I will never shrink, level down or ignore my needs ever again

94. I stand call in my feminine sovereignity

95. I enjoy doing every day only what inspires me and makes me happy

96. I only accept a masculine partner who is also fully embodying his sovereign masculine energy

97. I feel light and free in my body

98. I let my light shine bright into the world

99. I let go of survival mode and embrace thriving in life!

100. I respect my feminine monthly cycles and I rest when needed

Wondering how to use affirmations to get the most out of them? Check these tips:

  • Affirmations are most powerful when they’re used repeatedly, so repeat them often
  • You can say these affirmations to yourself in your head or out loud
  • You can write these affirmations in your feminine journal
  • You can print them and stick them on your fridge, car, laptop, and other visible places

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