How Having Ambition Kills Your Feminine Essense

Many women are told from a young age to “have ambition”.

To study hard, to work hard, to “go get it”. Especially in a home environment where there was no masculine provider and the mother was too much in her masculine energy herself.

So a woman like this grows disconnected from her feminine essence, being told to ignore her feminine traits and just embody masculine ones.

It’s like her value as a person is tied up with how much she can accomplish, how much she can do and show the world.

She starts to believe that if she doesn’t do this, she has no value as simply being herself.

So her feminine essence is put to the side for many years of her life. That leads to a woman feeling exhausted, and being emotionally disconnected from herself and the world around her.

And often attracting people who will take advantage of her. Because she is still a woman and has feminine instincts, all that hustling and doing and wanting to prove her value together with her feminine core of taking care of others, makes her open to being taken advantage of.

Because she doesn’t know how to receive. She just knows how to do and give.

The difference between masculine ambition and feminine desires

Ambition is a very masculine energy.

Is the energy of hustling hard, and being in doing mode all the time. Always seeking opportunities to grow a business, to make more money (notice the word “make”), to have status, to be admired.

True masculine men have ambition. They want the best for themselves and work for it.

This means being very focused, having clear goals, and not getting distracted by emotions.

A woman entering into this energy is a woman who will get exhausted.

A man can naturally be in this energy all the time, a woman on the other hand has to convince herself she is like that.

But a man and a woman’s biology and nature are very different. And whilst a man can naturally be in that energy and thrive, a woman will start feeling frustrated and tired.

And she can be years in that energy and actually grow a very successful business or career and life for herself, before she realises she feels she is missing out on the more emotional side of life and feels lonely and exhausted.

On the other hand, having feminine desires is all about feeling life.

Is about receiving.

Is not about “making” money, is about receiving money. Is not about hustling hard, is about doing work she enjoys and give her more energy.

Is about listening to herself.

A feminine woman can desire many things, like be surrounded by luxury, beautiful things, money, a great life, a safe home, etc. But instead of working hard for it, she leans back and let the Universe provide those things for her.

She doesn’t attach her value to how much she can achieve and accomplish in life. She knows her value and her worth are unconditional from birth. She simply has value by being in this world, no need to prove anything to anyone.

So she receives from the Universe, from other people, from masculine men.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t work. That is a choice she makes. But her work is aligned with her purpose, is effortless, it flows. And very often, she receives even more money than ever before!

Because money is a masculine energy. And women do not need to work hard for it. The Universe wants a woman to be happy and flowing in her feminine energy, and money will naturally come into her life from different sources.

So having desires and owning them fully is totally from your feminine energy. It is what makes you feel amazing. You are connected to the emotions of living your desires.

Having ambition on the other hand is what makes you disconnected from your emotions and focused on just the doing and achieving.

I’m not saying women shouldn’t study or work or have goals. Of course they do! But the energy behind it can be very different.

A woman connected to her essence will always prioritize how she feels above achieving and doing.

And when she embodies her feminine energy, that’s when life flows easily and amazingly for her.

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