The Secrets To Radiating Feminine Energy: 20 Tips 

Radiant feminine energy is is nurturing, soft, grounded, and intuitive.

It’s the type of energy that makes life enjoyable because it engages our senses and emotions.

Many women however struggle to radiate feminine energy in a world surrounded by tasks, to-do lists, goals to accomplish and an emotionless day to day life, so they are completely in their masculine energy and exhausted.

But did you know it is possible to radiate feminine energy at ALL TIMES?

Not only when you are resting, on a date or on weekends and vacations, but ALWAYS!

You can get things done, and still never let go of your feminine energy and essence, even if in the past you were thought to believe the only way to get away in life is through embodying masculine traits. That is pure BS and limiting beliefs from someone else in your life.

It’s time to embody the radiance of feminine energy, open up to life and discover that true ABUNDANCE comes to you effortlessly. Even more than you could possibly know!

So here are 20 tips to start radiating feminine energy:

1. Connect with your emotions

Feminine energy is all about being connected to your emotions and allow yourself to feel them, the good and the not so good ones.

Whilst masculine energy is all about controlling your emotions in order to keep going, feminine energy is all about letting the emotions flow and express them.

So laugh out loud, dance throughout the house, sing, or have a cry fest if you need to.

Feminine energy is all about honouring your emotions and allow them to pass through you, and expressing them vulnerably to the world and the other people in your life.

Life can only be fully lived when it is felt!

2. Prioritize Self-Care

Many women take care of everyone else in their lives but themselves.

But in order to radiate feminine energy, you have to prioritise your own self-care, mentally and physically.

Take time to rest, to read, to do things you enjoy. Don’t postpone a visit to the dentist or the doctor if you need it. Lose weight or start eating healthy if you feel is key for you.

Don’t just try to cover your tiredness with lovely dresses and make-up.

Take care of yourself from self-love. Nurture yourself before nurturing the world around you, so your radiance comes from the inside.

3. Be Sensual and Present in Your Body

Feminine energy is all about being present in the NOW. In your body.

That means that whatever you are doing, you are never disconnected from your senses.

For example when washing dishes pay attention to how the water feels running on your hands. The softness, the sensual side of it.

Masculine energy is all about getting a task done. Feminine energy is about enjoying the activity and feeling it.

If you have a hard time doing this, try activities like yoga or dancing, those are great to help you connect with your body and your sensuality.

4. Be Spontaneous

In a masculine world of schedules and routines it can seem be difficult to be spontaneous. But, is it really? Or is just that we don’t pay attention to how we truly feel?

Sometimes not being able to be spontaneous is nothing else but a need to control everything at all times, which is masculine energy.

Feminine energy FEELS life, doesn’t control it. So if in a given moment you feel like going somewhere or do something, and your intuition says do it, just be spontaneous and live!

5. Take care of your home

Make sure your home is free of clutter, well organized, cleaned and breathing health.

Your environment influences your mood and energy and if you want to let your feminine energy flow, take care of the space you live in.

You can also add feminine touches like certain decor colours, fresh flowers, decor accessories, candles, curtains, etc.

6. Move Your Body

Choose a form of exercise you truly enjoy.

This can be yoga, walking, cycling, swimming, playing tennis, running, going to the gym, whatever makes your body FEEL GOOD!

Besides looking great, you’ll feel great too. Moving your body on a daily basis is a great way to release negative energy and let your feminine energy flow throughout your body!

7. Take time to relax

Feminine energy is all about having a calm nervous system.

So make sure you rest and relax what you need daily. This means not only getting enough sleep at night, but also taking some time to relax during the day like taking a nap.

This can also include going to a spa for a couple of hours, do a massage, a manicure or a pedicure.

You need to prioritize having relaxing moments during the day in order to recharge.

8. Open up to Receive

Many women, especially if they are moms, are so much in a doing mode.

But feminine energy is all about receiving.

So open up to receive the good things life wants to bring you, open to receive help and gifts from other people, from a masculine provider man, from the Universe in general.

You deserve it!

9. Nurture your life

Feminine energy is all about nurturing.

So instead of being in “working” mode, change it to “nurturing” mode. Nurture your work or business, your children, your home, your partner, your home, your pets, and of course, yourself.

Nurturing is more than taking care, is putting your feminine radiance and joy in everything in your life, so everything can grow.

10. Have a signature scent

Buy a perfume that makes you really feel feminine and wear it daily!

After a shower apply it on your neck, wrists and behind your ears. Take time to smell the scent and connect with how it makes you feel like a Goddess!

You can also buy some essencial oils for the home that have a scent that is truly fresh and feminine.

11. Look Your Best

Whilst feminine energy comes from within, the truth is that feeling feminine is easier when you feel confident about your appearance.

So take care of how you look. Keep your nails neat and tidy and wash your hair and body.

Choose clothing and shoes that flatters your body type, no matter your style.

12. Spend time with other feminine woman

We are influenced by the people we hang out with, so make sure you choose your female friends wisely.

Spend time with women who are also cultivating their feminine essence and are focused on being the best version of themselves in the world.

13. Spend time with masculine men

Make sure you spend time with men who are embodying their masculine energy and essence.

Men who are providers, protectors, true gentlemen who know how to treat a lady properly.

They’ll make you feel super feminine!

14. Listen to and Follow your Intuition

Intuition is life’s guiding system of a true feminine woman.

Listen, honour, trust and follow your intuition. Is there to help you on your decisions and for you to live your best life!

15. Do What You Love and Delegate the Rest

Wanting to do it all without asking for help is the sign of a wounded feminine woman embodying masculine traits.

When you open to receive, you open to honour your energy.

You can now focus on putting your energy on the things you truly love to do and delegate the rest to other people.

For example if you run your own business you can hire an accountant or an assistant. Or you can get a cleaner for your home or an au pair to help with your children.

Honour your daily dose of energy so you can always be radiant!

16. Have fun With Your Kids and Pets

When you have kids life can be a never ending to-do list.

Besides getting people to help you, make sure you also take time to have fun with your kids! Go to a new place, to a fun park, out for a bycicle ride, etc.

And also with your pets, play your dog or cat.

Make sure your inner child comes out to play and have fun!

17. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Daily routines are boring and can take the fun out of life. So make sure you get out of your comfort zone once in a while.

Go try some new activity you never did before, learn a new skill, go meet someone new.

Let serendipity find you!

18. Eat Healthy

Make sure you take care of yourself by eating healthy.

Unhealthy processed foods with too much fat or sugar can lower your vibration by making you feel down, tired and lazy, and strip out the radiance in you.

On the other hand, fresh healthy foods like vegetables and fruit give you true life force energy and enhance your radiance! As well as making your body and skin looking amazing!

19. Walk Barefoot in Grass

This is called Earthing.

By walking barefoot on grass (the sand at the beach works well too), you are eliminating all negative energy and debris through your feet that goes to the inside the earth, and receiving in return good energy.

Try it and see how amazing and radiant you feel afterwards!

20. Work on Your Mindset

Feminine energy is all about having the right mindset.

A mindset of living in joy, happiness and EFFORTLESSLY!

You don’t need to exhaust yourself or force things to happen in order to live your best life.

When you open to your radiance and to receive all the goodness in the world easily, you only do what you love, you honour your intuition and you focus on what feels good.

You truly radiate and attract everything and everyone you need.

Over To You

What tips are you implementing in your life and how they make you feel? Share with us in the comments below!

And share this article with other women you feel need these tips!

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