Feminine Energy: How To Connect With Your Sensuality

For many people, when they hear the word sensual or sensuality, they immediately connect it to sexuality.

But sensuality is far more than just that. It is an energy and a way of being, and it is the core of feminine energy.

Many women who live disconnected from their feminine energy and embodying masculine traits of survival, they also do not feel connected to their own sensuality.

And that is because sensuality is enjoying life fully. And when you are in a masculine energy you are focused on doing, achieving, hustling, and not exactly on enjoying the present moment.

But when you are in your feminine energy, you enjoy life with all your senses. You feel ALL the feels. And that is what sensuality is.

The reason many people connect sensuality with sexuality is because sex is one of the rare moments where they engage all their senses and are fully present. But being sensual in and out of the bedroom and in all your life is truly a feminine’s amazing gift.

And when you are truly connected to your sensuality, your sexuality will also be a lot more pleasurable, open, fun, and intense, because your sexual energy will be much higher!

Here are some tips for you to connect with your sensual playfulness & divine feminine power:

Engage all your senses

Sensuality is engaging all your senses in your every day life.

It’s about being mind-less. Getting out of your mind and going into your heart and your body.

You take time to check how your body feels in different situations, you smell things and places, you enjoy touching things and how they feel in your hands, you truly taste your food and all its different flavours, you take time to truly look and see everything around you.

This of course makes you be fully present in the present moment.

Be playful

Sensuality is all about playfulness.

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was play? Jumping on puddles, dancing in the rain, running in the park, going down the slide?

So it’s time to bring back that little girl inside you!

When living from masculine traits all becomes very serious and hard, and there’s no room for play. Your inner child becomes constricted and unhappy, and that is why so many women feel frustrated and depressed.

So now bring her out and let her play!

Stop taking life and everything so seriously, and believe you are always safe and protected.

Take time to do things you enjoy and have fun. Meet with your sisterhood of feminine women and have an afternoon of banter. Go play with your kids or pets. Dance around the house. Go padel boarding or try a surf class. Or dance in the rain again!

When you let your inner child come out and play, life will suddenly feel lighter, your energy will be lighter and you’ll find again that inner happiness and passion you once felt and thought it was lost.

It wasn’t lost, it was just inside you waiting to come out again.

When you do this, your feminine radiance will come out too, which is the powerful magnet to attract masculine men, abundance, money, and all your desires!

Live slower and softer

There’s no worse way to be disconnected from your sensuality than living a life rushing from place to place and from task to task.

That is masculine energy, focused on having goals and achieving them.

Feminine energy is a slower energy. That is why one of the most important things for you to do when embodying your feminine energy after years living with masculine traits, is to slow down.

Release the belief that you don’t have enough time in the day or that you have to rush to get things done. Slow down and be softer.

Take your time to do things and truly enjoying them. Time is flexible and you’ll be amazed at how things still get done, help appears suddenly and you’ll be more connected to life when you slow down.

Choose activities that connect you to your body

Dancing, yoga, taking a bubble bath, going for a massage, etc.

Engage in activities that make your body feel and connects you with feeling good.

One activity that is really good for this is Earthing. It’s basically walking barefoot on grass, feeling the connection with Mother Earth and releasing all negative debris, recharging you with positive energy.

Surround yourself with beautiful and healthy things

Feminine energy women love to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Taste is very personal, so just because you are feminine that doesn’t mean everything around you needs to be pink!

It needs to be appealing to your senses. To your eyes, to your smell, to your taste, to touch, to your ears.

So choose a home design, decor and furniture that makes you feel good, keep your home tidy and clean and get red of any broken objects or things that don’t make you feel good.

Buy fresh flowers for your home. Burn some nice incense. Buy some luxurious new sheets for your bed.

The same thing with your clothes, wear clothes that fit your body shape and make you feel and look good. Invest in some luxurious lingerie.

Only go to places and be around people that make you feel good and positive.

Express your emotions

A woman expressing her emotions is extremelly sensual.

Why? Because it means she is connected to how she feels and she is no affraid to be vulnerable and showing it to the world.

This is a magnet for truly masculine men who hold space for a woman’s emotions!

And by honouring how you feel and expressing your emotions (the good and the not so pretty ones), you are truly free to enjoy the whole human experience.

Connect with your intuition

Intuition is a feminine woman’s guiding system.

When you trust and follow your intuition (without the need for facts to back it up), you feel safe and connected.

You can be playful and be fully in the present moment because you know you are being guided by your inner wisdom and something much greater.

Open up your sacral chakra

Many women have a feminine awakening at some point in their lives, which is a womb awakening.

Women who have been disconnected from their feminine energy and embodying masculine traits for so long have a disconnection between their sacral chakra and their heart chakra.

Your sacral chakra is connected to your sexuality but also with your creative and playful energy, with your emotions and intimacy.

When is blocked, is difficult to be sensual and creative and playful.

So make a conscious decision to open this chakra and connect it to your heart chakra, so you connect to your womb and open up to your feminine core essence.

Check here some powerful mudras to do this.

Love your body

Women can sometimes be very hard on themselves when it comes to the relationship with their bodies.

Most of it is due to society’s expectations on how a woman should look and weight in order to “be accepted”.

Sensuality is all about loving your body as it is. Your body is your temple and what allows you to enjoy this physical experience called life! So it is beautiful no matter the size, weight or any “imperfections”.

Learn to love your body by what allows you to do and feel, and not for how it looks like. And if you want to lose weight, do it because you love yourself and want to feel and be healthier.

Get used to look at yourself in the mirror, take sexy photos of yourself. And instead of looking at what you don’t like, focus on what you like.

In order to connect with your sensuality and truly enjoy life, you have to love your body! Check here some great tips to learn to have a better relationship with your body.

Be mindful of whom you have sex with

When a couple engage in sex, there is an exchange of energy. This is especially true for the woman because she receives the energy of a man inside her.

So be very mindful of the man’s energy you are accepting into your body, because it will impact your own sexual and force creative energy.

The wrong lover can literally rob you of your sexual creative energy leaving you drained and depressed.

The right lover will do the opposite. A sexual connection based on love, respect, devotion, from a masculine man who truly adores you, will shower you with more sexual energy and will make you feel more feminine and sensual than ever!

So be very mindful of this. If you are single sometimes is better to go celibate for a while and embody your feminine energy fully until you meet the right man who deserves your sensuality and sexual energy, than wasting your energy with the wrong men.

Self-care and me time

Last but not least is self-care and having me time.

Take good care of your body and your skin. This doesn’t mean you need to have a perfect body or skin, it means take time to take care of your body which is your temple and what allows you to savour life.

Do exercise or move your body daily even if just a walk. Invest in good skincare products and have a skincare routine.

Have a haircut that suit your face and wear clothes that fit your body shape. Take care of your hands and feet and indulge in luxurious body creams.

Eat nutritious healthy food that make you feel awesome and reduce sugar and processed foods as much as you can.

Take also time to pleasure yourself in the bedroom and engage all your senses, buy some fun toys for that if you want to, with or without a partner!

Soak in hot bubble bath with an oil diffuser and music. Curl up on the sofa with a blanket, and your favourite book and a cup of tea.

Take time daily to just take care of you.

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