How To Create a Positive Relationship With Your Body

Society’s definition of what’s desirable or beautiful is ever-changing and very exclusive. Sadly, so many women try conforming to society’s definition of “beauty,” and they fail miserably at it.

This takes a huge toll on their physical and psychological well-being in the long run. 

What else do you expect? The fashion and beauty industry standards are insanely unrealistic, and made just to sell products and services.

So, if there is no way to please everyone else, why not focus on pleasing ourselves and being happy with what we have?

 Why not start appreciating our amazing bodies and work on building a positive relationship with our bodies?

After all, radiant feminine energy starts from within and has nothing to do with how much you weight, or the kind of clothes you wear, but in feeling good in your own skin.

That’s what we will discuss in this article, so keep reading.

Get rid of unrealistic expectations

So many of us get stuck in a mental state where we want our bodies to look one way, but in reality, they look different. 

Many women think that “if only” they had this type of body, they would feel happier and more confident.

By thinking this way, you are doing a great disservice to the body you have. Your body doesn’t need to be a certain way for you to admire it. 

Once you start admiring it, it will slowly transform into its ideal version. 

This is a tried and proven method.

Stop criticizing your body 

The majority of us are also guilty of constantly criticizing our bodies unconsciously. 

The moment we look into the mirror or try on a new pair of jeans, the first thoughts we think are that of a harsh critic who picks on every little flaw. 

Because society’s beauty standards make us feel so unworthy, over time, this feeling of unworthiness seeps into layers of our subconscious. And that is why we criticize and judge our bodies on every possible occasion without realizing the damage we do to our mental health. 

Embrace your sensual side

Another obstacle that stops many of us from building a more positive relationship with our bodies is shying away from our sensual side.

A woman’s body is a marvel of femininity, and your sensuality is a major aspect of your overall physical appearance. Until you don’t learn to embrace your sensuality confidently, you won’t be able to connect with your all-powerful feminine essence. 

So, stop shying away from your sensuality and start loving every part of your body as it is.

Try positive affirmations

This might be the most important advice you are ever going to get to build a positive relationship with your body. 

Positive affirmations are statements that, when repeated over time, can reprogram your subconscious mind with powerful beliefs.

As I mentioned earlier, many women cannot love their bodies because they have unconsciously internalized all the insecurities and judgments other people have thrown their way.

A good way to get rid of those unhelpful thought patterns is through the use of positive affirmations like:

  • I love and accept my body the way it is.
  • I am a beautiful woman.
  • My body is perfect, and I feel confident about my body.
  • I look and feel so desirable every single day.
  • I fully embrace my divine feminine essence.

Repeat the affirmations every day when you get time or whenever you feel the urge to judge your body. Within a few weeks, you will see your perspective and relationship with your body shifting positively.

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