How To Date and Choose a Partner From Your Feminine High Value Energy

When you are in your feminine energy, you are not chosen. You choose.

You have a pool of high value men who want to date you, provide for you and protect you. The only thing you need to do is choose the most suitable man.

And not the most suitable at that given moment in your life because he is hot or has money. You have to think about it for the long haul.

If you are looking for a serious long-term committed relationship you have to think in terms of 50, 60, 70 years down the road.

You need to have standards. You need to honour your desires. You need to only accept and date man who are within your standards and desires.

If you were dating from your feminine wound before (and embodying masculine traits), maybe you weren’t dating from your standards (because you didn’t have them), or from your true desires (because you weren’t honouring them), so maybe you were accepting men who were not at your level financially, emotionally, psychologically, and that brought all sorts of issues and stress.

So dating from your high value feminine energy is a total different ball game.

Here are the best tips of feminine energy when dating :

1. Have standards and desires

A high value feminine woman has standards and desires for her life in all areas, and dating and a romantic relationship is one of the most important areas because it impacts her whole life.

The type of man you choose as your partner or husband impacts our whole life and the life of your current or future children, so choosing wisely is key.

You have to be VERY honest with yourself and with what you truly desire in a partner and for your life.

You have to let go of limiting beliefs and honour your desires.

If you desire a man who is a provider, own it.

If you desire a man who is a protector, own it.

If you desire a man who is wealthy own it.

You can journal about your desires. Just write everything down.

And then you need to create standards around your desires.

Standards and desires are non negotiable.

Examples of standards:

– You don’t do coffee dates or walk dates

– You don’t have sex early without commitment

– You want a man who pays for dates

– You don’t initiate or plan dates

– You want a man who provides for you

– You want a man who has a certain level of financial stability

– You want a man who is kind and empathic

– You want a man who wants marriage and has family values

– You want a man who has integrity

– You want a man who is respecful

– You want a man who is consistent and crazy about you (not wishy washy or unsure)

– You want a man who makes you feel safe and protected

– Etc

Please notice that your standards are yours. They are personal. And based on your desires and what feels right and good to YOU.

They shouldn’t be based on what you are “supposed to want because you are feminine”, or what other feminine women want.

They should only make sense to you and your inner truth.

Also please notice that your standards shouldn’t be related to superficial things like he has to be a certain body type or drive a Porsche. That shows nothing about his ability to be a great partner and father of your children.

You want your standards to be related to long-term qualities that will impact your life and your children’s (existent or future).

And then you have to compare a man’s behaviour with your standards and desires, and you seek for consistency from his side.

And you never ever put your standards aside to accommodate any man no matter how hot or how wealthy he is.

Who cares if he is hot but he is not a provider? Will he still be hot when you are exhausted and drained?

And who cares if he is wealthy if he spends all his money on sports cars and travel and doesn’t have a mindset of providing for his family?

Also notice that standards are different from boundaries. When you have to put a boundary with a man, you are already stepping into your masculine energy and is time to say goodbye.

Standards is what makes you only dating quality men and avoiding having to put boundaries because a man is disrespectful. You already left before that.

So your standards are non negotiable. You do not lower them for a man, it is indeed a man who has to uplevel if he wants to be with you and your radiant feminine energy!

Which takes us to our next point.

2. Have an abundance mindset

In order to honour your desires and have standards in place you have to step into an abundance mindset.

If you have a lack and scarcity mindset (and you do if you are in your feminine wound), you’ll always be lowering your standards because you fear there are not enough high value available men in the world, or because a man asked you out (and one is better than none), or you think maybe he has potential, etc.

All that just leads to less then desirable dating experiences and to frustration.

When you step into an abundance mindset, you know the Universe supports you and helps bringing to you all you desire.

You know what you want exists and is possible, and is just a matter of time until the right man appears.

So you stay centered in your standards and in your desires and you don’t put them aside for any man.

You only choose men who match your desires and standards because those men are a true vibrational match to who you truly are.

3. Stay in your feminine energy

Maybe you have a very successful business and are a boss babe making lots of money. That is great.

But leave that out the door when dating masculine men.

Step into your feminine energy when dating. This means you don’t initiate, you don’t plan, you don’t do the job of a man, you don’t tell men what to do. You just lean back and observe what THEY do.

This doesn’t mean you cannot communicate your desires. And a high value masculine man who is genuinely interested in you wants to know who you are, what are your true desires and honour them.

But you communicate with feminine energy. You don’t tell him what to do or who you want them to be because that is disrespectful to a man, you tell him how you feel and what would make you happy.

And then observe how they act and if they are compatible with you.

4. Actively pull men in

Many people think that feminine energy is passive. Just sit, do nothing and wait for a man to come to you. Don’t chase men.

Although yes we agree of not chasing men, and letting them initiate and pursue, feminine energy is not passive. Is not sit there and wait.

Feminine radiant energy is all about alluring. Think about the sirens in Greek Mythology. They embodied radiant feminine energy and they were singing to attract men, and to signal to them they are receptive.

So the more you embody your own feminine energy and let it radiate into the world the more masculine men will feel attracted, but you also need to signal to them that you are receptive.

You are not there just to be seen and admired, but to connect with and meet new men.

So instead of just sitting and wait, actively act from your feminine energy. Make eye contact, smile to a man you find attractive, signal to him he can approach you.

This is basically creating the space for him to come to you, and some men need this before they approach you, especially if they are respectful men.

If you are one of those women who say men look at you all the time but never approach you in public, might be because you are not signalling to them that you are receptive.

So take your power back and start actively showing men they can approach you.

In the Victorian times, women would drop a handkerchief to signal that to a man they find interesting.

As a gentleman of impeccable manners, the man, of course, stopped in his tracks, bent down, and picked up the handkerchief from the damsel in distress and gave it to her with an “Excuse me miss, you seem to have dropped your handkerchief”. The ice was broken.

The introduction was made and women were then free to dazzle him with her wit and charm. But in order to do that, the woman needed to discreetly make the first indirect move in a feminine way.

You can still drop something on the floor to get a man to pick it up for you and break the ice, or you can simply do these things:

– Look him in the eyes and smile

– Ask him for help (getting something from the top shelf at a shop, or asking for advice at the hardware store)

– If you are standing in line next to him, comment about something funny and generic going on around you.

Remember ladies: you have the power. You are gorgeous, radiant, and any man would be lucky to be your Prince Charming. Sometimes they just need a little nudge.

After the inicial ice is broken, let him take the lead.

5. Trust your intuition

If you are on feminine energy dating Facebook groups, you’ll see they are full of women asking for advice on certain dating situations they got into because they simply ignored red flags and their intuition.

Yes we can say many of these women also lowered their standards (or do not have any), but many also are not in touch with their intuition.

Every single time we just know if a man is or is not for us. With a man who isn’t something just feels off even if we can’t pin point it exactly.

Or something he did you didn’t really like but ignored it and continued to dating him.

Intuition is a woman’s internal guiding system. So listen to that gut feeling you have even before your brain starts working.

You’ll listen to your internal yes or no and just act accordingly. If you have an abundance mindset you know you are not losing anything because there many wonderful men wanting to date you.

And also, trust your intuition when is a yes. Maybe he isn’t your usual body type, or doesn’t have a flashy car, but there is something about him that makes you feel safe and happy.

6. Be in your radiant playful energy

It is important to hold onto your standards and desires, but that doesn’t mean you are going to be rigid on dates or around men observing their every step.

This means you’ll only accept dating high quality men who are up to your standards, so you don’t have to be in your masculine energy checking them or protecting yourself from them (this only happens when you lower your standards and date men who are not a match).

So the goal of having standards and honouring your desires is for you to be your most radiant feminine and playful self around men.

Everything is been taken care from their side. They initiate, they plan dates, they make decisions, they provide for you, they treat like a queen.

So you feel safe and you can just relax in your feminine energy. THIS is how you know the men you are dating are a good match to you.

When you feel your femininity shining around them, your inner child is playful, your radiate joy. THIS energy is a magnet to the right men.

And again, you can only feel that if you honour your desires and stick to your standards.

Isn’t so amazing when you are on a date with a man who makes you feel so provided for, so safe, so supported? And in return he is mesmerized with your radiant femininity and you two have such a quality time together?

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