The New Type of Feminine Empowerment

Not long ago women fought for their rights to work, to vote, to have a voice.

They fought to have basic human rights, and that is a wonderful thing.

Women then got out of the house and started working and a new relationship dynamic started in marriages and relationships: the 50/50, which to many women (especially femininists) means equality.

I believe this was all taken to an extreme in many cases which led to women starting to feel exhausted because they have so much to juggle.

And also because although men and women should indeed be equals in regards to human rights and access to things, their nature couldn’t be more different.

Women don’t have the testosterone men have to keep going, and women have monthly cycles men don’t do, besides going through pregnancies, labour, breastfeeding, etc.

So nowadays we as women seek internal and external balance.

We are watching a new type of feminine empowerment which is called


And this balance is based on FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Women nowadays have the opportunity to choose how they wish to live their lives.

Something that never happened before in history.

They can choose to be a stay at home mom after giving birth and marry a man who fully provides, and after a few years they can return to work or start a business. Or not. Their choice.

Back in the 50’s polarity wasn’t a matter of choice. Women simply could not work and had to stay at home.

Now we can but many women are not just working but doing everything themselves.

Single moms are exhausted or women in 50/50 marriages are exhausted and resentful because contrary to men, they have monthly cycles and cannot be “equal” in providing all month long.

I mean, they can. But very often at the expense of their well being and their hormones.

So nowadays women can choose how they wish to live. And this is so important to tell our daughters.

We can choose the type of man we want as a partner or husband, the type of relationship dynamic we want, the lifestyle we wish to have.

And we don’t have to settle for no man or relationship dynamic that doesn’t make us happy and doesn’t let us stay in our feminine energy.

This type of feminine empowerment is not rooted on anger because of discrimination, on embodying masculine traits or frustration. Is rooted on feminine energy.

It is rooted on how we women are at the core essence of our beings.

We don’t want to stay at home without being able to work or express ourselves in other ways, but we also don’t want to hustle hard and embody masculine traits to survive.

We want balance based on our femininity.

We want to offer our gifts into the world, but we also want to respect our internal cycles of leaning back, needing rest and care.

I believe we as women are finally honouring who we truly are at the core, and how to express ourselves without hustling and getting exhausted, either by working or staying at home.

Without having to prove that women “can do the same as men”.

We don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

We are finally listening to our needs in terms of human rights but also in terms of our feminine energy needs.

And also listening to the men needs, honouring what masculine energy is and just letting men be men.

We just need to live our best lives honouring our feminine cycles.

This means conscioucly choosing the type of man and relationship we want.

If we as feminine women want a masculine man who provides and supports our feminine essence, just own that desire.

It is a conscious choice we make based on who we truly are. And this is true empowerment.

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