How To Let Go of Masculine Traits and Heal Your Feminine Heart

If you have been in a masculine energy of providing and protecting yourself for a long time and feel exhausted, wanting to step into your feminine energy, this article is for you.

First of all, it’s important to understand why we women embodied masculine traits.

Many of us grew up without having a masculine energy of providing and protection at home.

Either because we had an emotionally unavailable father or no father at all living in the house, and/or had a mother in her masculine energy who worked hard to provide for us and protect us, or parents who pushed us into our masculine energy to provide for them, so we grew up learning if we want to survive, that’s the way to go.

Many women never had the opportunity to cultivate their femininity when they were a child and a teenager, in a world that is so focused on doing and achieving.

So we left our feminine energy on the side and embodied masculine energy in order to survive.

Very often this was done on an unconscious level, either because it was the example we had at home, or because we were in life situations that we had no other choice but to embody masculine traits to provide and protect ourselves.

But for many women it comes a time in their lives when they hit rock bottom.

We don’t have the testosterone of men to always be hustling and doing. We can, of course, but it messes with our hormones, our cycles, and our overall happiness and joy.

We are in survival mode and have this constant feeling something is off.

And it is when we hit rock bottom, when we feel exhausted, depressed, questioning if this is all life is, that an awakening takes place.

You become conscious of how disconnected you are from your feminine energy. And a desire to return to it pops up.

When you feel this desire, there’s no turning back.

You start realizing how you are so much in your masculine energy and how that has been playing out in your life in terms of the partners you choose, the friendships you have, the work you do, your lifestyle choices, the money in your account, and your overall life.

You start wanting different. You start wanting a life of ease, of joy, from your feminine essence.

You start to leave survival mode and start LIVING!

So keep reading because we are telling you the 10 main steps to heal and return to your feminine energy:

1. Understand why you had to embody masculine traits

It’s important to know why you had to embody masculine traits in the first place.

What life circunstances lead you to it, what kind of parents you had, and the lack of love, kindness, and support you felt growing up, the end of your marriage, etc, and why you felt and believed you had to put on an armour in order to survive.

This is not for you to dwell on it, it is only important so it makes sense to yourself.

It gives you context and understanding, so you know the reasons behind it, and understand how it shaped your whole life and relationships.

So you can conciously start choosing different.

2. Acknowledge you are already feminine

One thing very important is to acknowledge that you are already feminine. Always have been, since you were born.

You didn’t “lose” your feminine energy along the way, and you don’t have now to learn how to be feminine.

Being feminine requires no effort, it only requires you to be conscious that you are already feminine.

The only thing you need to do is remove the armour. Remove those masculine traits you embodied so you can let your femininity come out and shine.

3. Change your identity

The reason it is important to understand why you embodied masculine traits for survival and also to understand you are already feminine, is because all that will help you on the next step: changing your identity and how you see yourself.

Many women who have been embodying masculine traits for many years see themselves that way. That is their identity.

“I am mainly in masculine energy”, or “I am too combative”, or “I am the provider for a lot of other people”, etc.

So is time to reframe this. Is time to let go of that old identity and step into a new one.

You need to realise that is not the real you. That is the you that had to survive. The same way a soldier goes to war and they have to embody a certain identity and perform certain tasks in order to survive.

But now is time to take that armour off. You are not in war zone anymore.

The Universe is always supporting and protecting you with its masculine energy.

You have to feel safe within yourself, knowing you are not alone in the world and that when you step into your feminine energy, masculine energy in its many forms will appear to support you: other people, opportunities, money, healthy masculine men, friends, etc.

So you need to start changing the way you see yourself and your identity:

– You are feminine

– You are safe

– You are loved

– You can have everything you want with ease

– You can live a joyful life

– You are radiant

– You are strong

There is tremendous power in the feminine energy. Feminine energy is not passive, it is active.

When you start choosing to live from your feminine energy, with ease, softness, peace, everything will still gets done.

Everything that you need will come to you effortlessly.

4. Open your heart and connect your womb

When you have a heart and womb awakening, the energy that was once stuck in there begins to flow.

Your chakras open and start to exchange energy between them, starting to connect heart and womb.

This is a deep process that will make you release stuck emotions. Cry all you need, because this is all about releasing.

You are releasing emotions that were stuck possibly since childhood. Emotions of not feeling loved, not feeling supported, not being validated, not having had the attention you needed, not feeling good enough.

Do some meditations to open up your heart and your womb to facilitate this process, and also spend time in nature.

Go for walks around nature or meditate in nature, that can be a garden, a park, a mountain, or at the beach.

Nature has a way of soothing our soul, and making us connect with ourselves.

5. Feel grateful to your masculine energy

When we say you need to release masculine traits, this doesn’t mean you start to feel bad about masculine energy.

On the contrary, having had the opportunity to embody those traits makes you aware of what masculine energy can do for you.

So feel grateful to that energy, because it allowed you to provide for and protect yourself (and your children).

You also are not letting go completely of your masculine energy. It will always be in you, but this time you are choosing to live your life from your feminine energy.

So when you feel your masculine energy of protection arising in any occasion, you know probably you are with people or situations which are not the best for you, but now you choose to put boundaries and leave instead of acting from that energy.

Having embodied masculine traits will also help you recognize healthy masculine energy in others, and open up to receive abundance from many different sources of masculine energy around you.

So instead of doing everything yourself, now you open up to receive help and support from others where you recogize healthy masculine energy.

6. Start to make your life easier

When you embody your feminine energy, you don’t want to do everything yourself anymore.

You start looking for ways to help you live a softer life.

You might hire help from a house cleaner, hire a chef to do your meals, shop online and have the shopping being delivered to your house, go from wanting a 50/50 type of relationship to wanting a man who is a provider and makes your life easier in many ways, etc.

This takes a weight off your shoulders, allows you to have more time to connect to yourself and others, to enjoy the present moment, to expand in life.

And opens up room for true abundance to come into your life.

7. Respect your monthly cycles and take care of yourself

As woman we have monthly hormonal cycles. But when you are in your masculine energy you tend to navigate through life like a man, like these cycles don’t exist and to be always on the go.

Men of course don’t have these monthly cycles so they can hustle and be on doing mode all month long every easily.

We women do. There are times of the month when we have less energy and need more rest, do less work, nurture ourselves, and times when we have more energy.

It’s important to know how your own cycle is and works, and respect it. Stop forcing yourself to keep going and work hard when all you need is rest, and allow yourself to rest.

Take good care of yourself. Make sure you eat nutritious food, take good care of your skin and body, do movement you enjoy and gives you energy (instead of exercise that drains you), rest and relax.

Don’t worry, the Universe will support you when you are respecting your needs and taking care of yourself.

8. Connect with your true heart desires

When you are in your masculine energy and survival mode you are a lot at mercy of what life throws at you. It is difficult to connect with what you truly desire in life.

Or maybe you know what you would like to live, but you have so much going on and so much to do, that you can’t allow those desires to flourish.

When you step into your feminine energy, you and your life slows down. Feminine energy is about living in the present moment, enjoying life, not about hustling and doing.

So you start to listen to your true heart desires. And you start honouring them.

Get a journal and write your desires down.

Nothing is too big. In fact, GO BIG.

If you want to travel around the world, write it. If you want to become a millionaire, write it. If you want a happy and loving relationship with a healthy masculine man who is a provider, write it.

Also, as you write it down, connect with the emotions associated with living your desires.

How does it feel having an overflow of money at your disposal?

How does it feel to be loved and adored by a healthy masculine man?

Let yourself feel all those beautiful emotions, because when you do, you are creating your future and manifesting your desires.

Then you start to define standards around your desires and the life you wish to live, which takes us to out next step:

9. Have standards and boundaries

It’s ironic how when women are too much in their masculine energy, which is an energy of protection, still have little to no boundaries or have trouble holding boundaries.

That happens for a simple reason: they have a lack of standards.

Because they are so worried and so much in doing mode, they don’t connect with their true heart desires.

So they very often put boundaries in a very combative way or don’t have boundaries at all.

When you step into your feminine energy, you connect with your desires and you start to define your standards from your desires and your self worth.

Now you don’t want to merely survive, you want to live. And you want to define the standards based on the lifestyle you want to live.

Standards are very personal and are based on the kind of lifestyle you want for yourself and the type of people and experiences you want in your life.

So all this is not random like before, you actually decide what you want and everything and everyone who doesn’t understand you and is not up to those standards, simply doesn’t enter your life.

You basically want people who adore and honour your feminine energy, and helps you embody it even further.

So think about your true heart desires, write them down in a journal.

Now write the standards of what you accept or not based on those desires.

Your standards should be non negotiable. They are there to honour you and who you truly are, and living your best life you deserve.

Some examples of standards in dating:

– Only date men who are emotionally available

– Only date men who are consistent

– Only date men who are respectful and have integrity (they do what they say)

– Only date men who have financial stability

– Only date men who are providers

– Etc

These are just examples, you have to write your own standards based on what feels good to you.

And then you vet men based on your standards and quickly remove the ones who don’t met them.

And you do this for everything else in your life: where do you want to live, what kind of friends you want in your life, what kind of clients you want in your business, the amount of money you want to receive, the type of hotels where you want to go on holidays, the type of gym you want to go to, etc.

You set the standards of your life and only accept what’s within those standards, and this how you create the life you want.

And also very important, this is all based on your feminine worth. Knowing that it is possible to have everything you desire in your life.

So when you have your standards is very easy to put boundaries.

Actually, at the first sign of someone or something not being up to your standards, you leave. That’s the only boundary you need.

For example, if a man is not planning the date he invited you to, or is inconsistent in his behaviour, you don’t lash out at him, or mother him telling him what to do, like when you were in your masculine energy of protection.

You simply stay in your feminine energy, say no thanks and remove yourself with grace. He will either step up to meet your standards on his own or not. Either way, you win because you stay centered in your standards.

10. Give it time

After so many years living from masculine traits it now takes time to remove those traits and fully embody your feminine energy and start living from it.

So be patient with yourself.

This is not a race or having to perform certain tasks to “be feminine”.

This is a journey of healing and embodying new energy that you probably have been disconnected from such an early age.

This is about connecting deeply with yourself, listening to your heart, honour your emotions and express them.

And this is also a very personal journey, so respect your internal timing and just let things flow and happen as they should.

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