Why a Boss Babe Stage is Often Needed Before Feminine Energy Embodiment

There are many coaches who teach feminine energy who like to shame or guilt women who are embodying masculine traits.

And very often women embody those masculine traits not because they want to, but for survival reasons. They have to provide for themselves and their children (sometimes even for extended family), they have to take decisions, they have to protect themselves.

Here in The Feminine Energy we do not believe in shaming or guilting women in any way shape or form. That is not the way to make a woman step into her feminine essence.

What we prefer to do instead is to understand the reason a woman has the need to embody masculine traits, and what purpose does that serve her before she is ready to fully embody her feminine energy and live a different life.

And very often that reason is called getting rid of co-dependency.

If you read our other article about the 3 types of feminine energy, you know there are:

The Helpless Woman

The Provider Woman

The Feminine Goddess

And there are many different variations in between.

The Helpess Woman is the co-dependent type of woman. She doesn’t believe in herself, her self esteem is very low and she depends on others to survive or to feel worthy.

This is the type of woman who attracts abusive people into her life, including predators and narcissists.

She is in a deep feminine wound that very often started in childhood due to abuse or different types of trauma, like having a narcissistic mother or an emotionally unavailable father (or absence of caregivers).

She is very often a people pleaser and a doormat to others.

What would happen if this woman stepped fully into her feminine energy without doing her inner work to heal?

She wouldn’t be able to relax, to trust masculine energy, to enjoy life, to receive in a healthy way.

She wouldn’t be able to have standards and boundaries and only accept what’s best for her.

Because a feminine woman is a soft but strong woman. She knows what she wants and accepts nothing less.

So she would be at mercy of what life throws at her and never find out her true inner strenght to have standards and boundaries and trust herself.

She would always be scared and limit the amount of abundance she can have.

Because you cannot trust your inner feminine energy if you don’t also trust your inner masculine energy.

That is why the Boss Babe stage is needed

And that is why many women have to go through the boss babe stage (or provider woman stage) before they fully step into their feminine energy.

They have to taste, learn and trust their own strenght.

They have to find what they are capable of. They need to raise their self-esteem, their self-love, their inner worth, by providing and protecting themselves.

They have to experience what masculine energy and providing and protecting is from the inside, by embodying masculine traits.

Believe it or not, it is that experience that will make them realise what healthy masculine provision and protection are, before she can recognize this energy in others.

Because probably they never experienced it before in their lives, or very little.

So is very sad that many coaches who teach feminine energy are not aware of this, and prefer to shame women who are in this energy like they need to be shamed into being feminine!

EVERY stage in our lives happens for a reason, and is all for spiritual development.

So no woman should accept to be shamed or guilt into anything.

In fact, they need to be praised that they were able to find their strenght and get out of the Helpess Mode.

Yes we can agree that many women who are in this boss babe energy are hustling, doing too much, and they become over protective to the point of not trusting any man, or blaming and judging men.

And many women also do not want to get out of this stage and are ok with being in it for the rest of their lives, and to each their own.

But this is still part of their feminine wound though, and a woman who has in their life path to embody feminine energy, that will be healed once she steps into the next stage, the Feminine Goddess, and starts embodying her feminine energy.

But all this needs to happen organically and naturally, and she needs to find these things for herself at the right time, not by being shamed or forced.

Because if she is either shamed or forced, she’ll either retract back to the Helpess stage in shame, or become too masculinized and not opening up.

She needs to be ready to open up to her feminine energy by grace and perfect timing.

For many women that happens when she gets to a point of exhaustion.

She achieved so much, she built a great life for herself and her children and family, she makes good money, she buys herself great things, but she probably also struggles in a lot of ways, especially emotionally.

She might be exhausted because she is a woman after all, and all this husling and doing affects her hormones badly time after time.

It comes a time when she wants to slow down, to receive instead of doing and providing, she wants a softer and more joyful life where abundance comes to her effortlessly.

That is the time where she already knows her inner strenght, she trusts masculine energy (even if not fully yet), and she is ready to open to receive and to be taken care of and step into her feminine energy.

The difference is, now she is not co-dependent anymore.

She knows her strenghts, she knows her worth, she is not scared of being alone. So that allows her to have standards, to not settle, to have boundaries, and to only accept in her life people who honour her feminine energy.

She only accepts friends, a romantic masculine partner, co-workers, clients, etc, that want to provide for her and protect her in a healthy and respectful way, for her highest good.

And she can finally be her most radiant feminine self, truly LIVING and not just surviving.

So that Boss Babe stage served its purpose completely, served her spiritual ascension and development.

And this website The Feminine Energy is exactly to help you at this stage, when you are ready to fully embody your radiant feminine energy and live your best abundant life!

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