10 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

10 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

Your feminine energy is the powerful force that allows you to connect with your infinite potential through the path of self-exploration, self-love, and intuition.

This is an incredibly useful energy that can help you establish higher levels of self-awareness. 

But many women neglect or dishonor their feminine energy because they are focused on honing their masculine side. This can cause their feminine energy to become wounded or blocked. 

In this article we are going to glance over 10 signs of blocked feminine energy:

You think being feminine is weak

If you think that way, it’s not your fault. It’s the fault of the society that values hustle over deeper connection and cooperation. 

In reality feminine energy is far from weak. It is the energy that gives and nurtures life. It is an active energy but not in the sense of doing but in the sense of being. It attracts and pulls.

In a world focused on doing in order to achieve, there is a non seen power in staying in your feminine and attracting everything effortlessly.

You don’t take help

Most of the masculine energy is ego driven and thus it makes you think that you can do everything by yourself. But feminine energy, on the other hand, is all about connection and cooperation.

Learn to ask for help and accept help wherever needed. 

You try too hard to prove your worth

When you are cut off from your feminine energy, you engage in competition just to prove your worth.

But a divine feminine knows that she is inherently worthy and there is no point in trying to prove herself to anyone simply because she has no desire for outside validation.

You don’t believe in resting

When your feminine energy is blocked, you feel like hustling all the time even at the cost of your mental well being.

Rest is an incredibly important aspect of life and you must try to take some time off whenever your body and mind needs.  

You don’t pamper yourself anymore

Feminine energy is all about taking care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

So, make sure that you set boundaries and take some time to take care of yourself whenever you need to recharge.

Go for a massage, take a bubble bath, go for a walk around nature, do a manicure, take a nap. Do whatever feels good to you.

You don’t connect with your sensual side

The feminine energy is bold, confident and definitely doesn’t shy away from sensuality.

If your feminine energy is blocked, then you may find it hard to trust in your own sensual side.

Your sensuality is not only linked to sexuality, is linked to everything. It’s about living life engaging your senses in every single moment.

It’s about smelling the smell of a place, tasting the taste of food, listening to the sounds around you, touching things and feeling them, connecting to your body to check how it feels.

It’s about allowing yourself to feel and truly experiencing life!

You are racing against time

If you feel like you have very less time to accomplish your big goals then you are running high on masculine energy. 

Step back, take a pause and prioritize your own well being over all the goals and competition. This is how you will be able to reconnect with your feminine energy. 

You are too assertive

Many females feel like they are not being heard or valued at their social settings and hence they try to use “aggression” or “assertiveness” as a way to get other people’s attention.

This is another major signs of blocked feminine energy. It is also a sign of trauma, because probably you weren’t heard when you were growing up so you feel the need to be too assertive.

Instead, let your energy speak for yourself with confidence. Say things once in a calm manner and don’t over explain yourself.

If others don’t listen or pay attention, that is not an invite to be too assertive or agressive, is an invite to respect yourself and leave.

You believe in “no pain – no gain”

When you are overpowered by your masculine traits, you naturally start thinking like you have to work extremely hard to get your way through.

But this approach leaves you more stressed and unfulfilled than before, as well as exhausted and messing with your hormones. 

You need to take it slow and easy and you will accomplish everything. 

Everything you do, do it from inspired action and passion. And stop when you need rest. Less is more.

Let your radiant energy do the rest for you, attracting all you need.

You attract men who lack confidence

If you are attracting men who are unsure about their masculine side, then it is a sure shot signs of blocked feminine energy or that you have a wounded feminine energy.

These men are attracted to you because they seek to balance their weak masculinity with your over-powering masculine traits.

So to stop attracting these men and start attracting masculine healthy men, you need to first stop paying attention to men who are not what you want by not engaging with them, and second you need to fully embody your feminine energy.

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    Very good article Informative ,see a few spots my Feminine energy has been blocked need work to free work to let it flow. Wich is exactly what I intend to do .

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