Feminine Energy is Like Making Love to Life

Living a life from your feminine energy is like making love to life.

When you start removing the layers of what you are not, of all the bullshit limiting beliefs you acquired from other people and systems, and start revelealing who you truly are at the soul level, you fall in love.

You fall in love with yourself for the first time in your life.

Suddenly you see the beauty and the magic in all the ordinary daily things.

The wind on the trees, the colours of the flowers, the birds tweeting. All seem to communicate with you because you feel a part of.

There’s no illusion of separateness anymore. No illusion of duality.

You go beyond duality and you see life for what it is: an amazing opportunity to be you.

To truly enjoy experiences with no attachment or expectation other than enjoying life to the fullest.

Your internal feeling good is the guiding system of your life now. Not more limiting beliefs, old patterns or “have to’s”.

You are free.

Life stirres inside you and you are inspired to dance, to breathe, to create.

you realize you are a badass creator of your reality and you can create anything you want because for the first time in your life, you BELIEVE your imagination, you believe what you see with your third eye, what you feel in your heart, rather than the “reality” or “facts”.

You know you live in a YOUniverse where everything responds to you and what you choose to believe.

And you choose to believe in you.

You feel your tremendous power and you don’t fear it anymore. You embrace it, enjoy it, have fun with it.

And extend that excitement and love to other people too. You attract the right people into your life, a vibrational match.

You know that when life presents you a challenge, it is working in co-creation with you, guiding you to stay in your path. And you’re grateful for it.

You look different to the world as the world looks different to you. The veil is lifted.

Your heart is full and you enjoy everything you do in a sensual way. You embrace everything with all your senses fully in the present moment.

You enjoy the touch of water running on your skin, the sunlight in your face, the smell of coffee in the morning, the laughter of your children, the barking of your dog happy to see you, the grass underneath your barefoot, the delicious chocolate cake melting in your mouth…

You are making love to life. And life responds by making love to you.

You’re living in love.

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