How To Attract a Provider Man Into Your Life

Many women who have been in a masculine energy most (or all of their lives) never had the chance to experience what is living with a provider man.

And for many it started with not having had a provider father in their lives, so they never quite understood what that feels like, especially when they had to use masculine traits to provide for themselves.

So what very often happens is women in survival mode with masculine traits tend to attract (and accept) men who are not providers.

Men who are embodying feminine traits, who want to be provided, but also abusive men and the predator types.

When a woman starts to heal her feminine wound and connecting with her feminine essence, that’s when the game changes.

She opens up to receive and starts to learn to leave survival mode behind and starting to truly live.

She opens up to receive from masculine energy and the type of men she feels attracted to changes too.

She no longer wants to provide for men, or feel like a roomate doing 50/50. She wants a true masculine man in her life who fully provides for her, so she can relax and feel radiant in her feminine energy.

First of all, what is a provider man?

Many men are in taking mode. They want to take from you, not give. Check here the difference between builder and consumer types of men.

Not a provider. A man who is a provider is totally focused on giving. It is his true nature.

A healthy masculine provider man is a man who is fully embodying his own masculine energy.

He is committed to the woman he adores and to his family. He fully embodies his role of being a provider and he feels that as his purpose.

He provides at various levels: financially, emotionally, psychologically, through doing lots of things to help you.

He makes his woman and his family feel safe and protected.

He genuinely worries about you! He wants to come into your life and make it better. He wants to help you in all you need, and he feels that as his purpose. And this happens from the moment you start dating! Because that is his nature.

He also wants to protect you and make sure you are taken care of and you are well, not feeling any burden on any level.

A healthy masculine provider man is not controlling, is not abusive, doesn’t use money to control anyone, or wants a woman to submit blindly to him. That is man with a wounded masculine.

A healthy masculine man provides from his heart.

He provides because he genuinely wants to create a safe container to make his woman and family happy.

This is the type of man who is the polarity to a feminine woman. He thrives next to a feminine energy of radiance, playfulness and nurturing, and she thrives next to his masculine energy of safety, provision, and protection.

Together they can uplevel each other to live an amazing polarized relationship and beautiful life.

He feels respected in his masculine energy and role, and she feels she can relax and enjoy life in her feminine energy.

So how to attract a masculine provider man into your life?

Change your identity and act as if

You need to change your identity and the way you see yourself in order to attract a provider man.

Let’s say that in the past you used to be too much in your masculine energy, you used to provide for men, maybe some men took advantage of you, or you were always in 50/50 type of dynamics, where you would pay half of everything or you used to take care of men.

Now all that feels off, and you want a healthy provider man who allows you to be in your feminine energy and receive.

So you need to let go of that old you. You are not that person anymore! Let go of what happened in the past and the type of men you attracted and accepted, that is part of the consciousness you used to have. Now you know better.

So to change your identity to a feminine woman who attracts providers, see yourself as one now. Start acting as if. Start presenting yourself and acting like you are always provided for, like you always attract men who love to give to you.

See yourself that way. You only accept the best treatment from men.

If you have a hard time doing this, check this article on how to do a quantum leap on changing your identity.

Fully embody your feminine energy

If you want to have a relationship with a masculine man, you need to fully embody your feminine energy first, so you become a match to him.

This doesn’t mean having to be perfect! It means having to release masculine traits and connect with your feminine essence.

It means letting go of hard work and hustle mode, letting go of providing for men, letting go of paying for men, letting go of doing 50/50 dynamics, letting go of not having standards and accepting anything.

It also means starting to live life from your femininity. Opening up to receive, live slower, nurture your body and connect with your emotions, be vulnerable and expressing how you feel.

Masculine men love feminine women who are open to receive and let the men take care of them.

They love women who are connected to their femininity and wanting to live their best lives.

If you feel difficult to heal your feminine wound and embody your feminine energy, click here to enrol in our programme “Embody Your Sensual Feminine Energy”.

Write down what you want and stick to it

Write down on a piece of paper what do you truly want from a man and a relationship.

Do you want to get married? Do you want to be fully provided for? Do you want to be treated like a princess?

And how do you want to feel? Do you want to feel listened to, valued, protected, safe?

Be really honest with what you want and how you want to feel. And then when you are out meeting men, dating, or doing online dating, stick to what you want.

Those are your non-negotiables!

When you want to attract a provider man into your life, you cannot entertain men who are not up to your standards. You quickly let go and move on.

Lean back and let men lead

A feminine woman does not initiate with a man or plans dates.

She leans back and receives. This doesn’t mean being passive. Feminine energy is not passive, it attracts and pulls what she wants with her radiance.

And of course you can and should express your desires and how you feel, and you respond to a man if you are interested, but you let him lead the dating dynamic.

You sit back and observe his behaviour and how you feel, and you choose to continue or not based on how he is treating you and how you feel.

A masculine man loves to initiate, to plan, to provide for you. He doesn’t need your help to text you or call you or plan a nice date. Leave it to him.

Open up to receive

As mentioned before, masculine men love to give. So they love feminine women who receive from them.

Just receiving and being grateful is enough for provider men. You don’t have to do anything back in exchange, you just receive and that’s it.

This can be difficult for women who have been embodying masculine traits for much of their lives. They feel ackward to just receive something like a present or him paying for a date.

If you feel like this, that is just a programme you have been in, nothing more. Time to change the script.

Open up to receive by asking other people for help. Ask men for help at the grocery store trying to reach the top shelf to get a product, ask men for help at the coffee shop deciding which coffee to drink. Let men open the door for you at different places, etc.

Start programming yourself to be in receiving mode just because you enjoy it, until it becomes your new normal and you start to attract men who love to give.

Be vulnerable and share how you feel

Feminine women are in touch with their emotions and honour them.

They express how they feel freely and openly, without an outcome in their mind. They just express it.

So practice being vulnerable and expressing how you feel from the very first time you talk to a man, online or offline.

Masculine men love women who are in touch with their emotions and express themselves, because that is something they miss .

Masculine men very often are working hard and hustling all day long, in doing mode and reaching goals. They control their emotions to get things done. It’s a straight line.

So when they are with a feminine woman who expresses how she feels, she opens up a new whole world to him. And it gives him the opportunity to get to know you and help you, making your life much better.

Tell a man you feel happy you are on a date with him. Tell him you are worried because you have a problem and see him rushing to provide a solution to help you.

You expressing your emotions is the guiding system of him providing for you.

And also, by being vulnerable and expressing yourself early on, you vet men properly, you can see the ones who are emotionally available and hold space for your emotions, and the ones who are emotionally unavailable and quickly run away.

So become emotionally available yourself and start expressing your emotions in order to attract the right man.

Be playful and radiant

A feminine woman doesn’t take life too serious.

She has healed her inner child and so she is connected to her playful and lighter side.

She has a good sense of humour, she can be silly, spontaneous, she laughs and enjoys life in the present moment.

Because she feels safe and protected by the masculine energy of the Universe itself and she is living her best life.

This playfulness is honey to a masculine man.

Again, very often masculine men are working hard all day long and in doing mode and they don’t have much space or time to be playful.

And women in their masculine energy are not playful either, they are always serious and with an exhausted energy.

So when they connect with a feminine woman who is playful and magnetic, they feel attracted and wanting more of that, so they’ll do everything to keep her in his life.

Being playful is also a good repellent to wounded or abusive men, who can’t stand a woman being playful and feminine. So they quickly go away from such a woman.

Masculine men on the other hand will do everything they can to bring more of that wonderful feminine energy into their lives!

Have standards and boundaries

A high value feminine woman knows what she wants and she only wants the best for her life.

She has standards on how she expects to be treated. And a high value provider masculine man wants a woman of standards.

He wants the woman who sticks to her standards and is not easily available to just any man.

So even when you meet a provider masculine man, stick to your standards and have boundaries on what you accept or not. If something is too soon for you, or too much for you, express it.

Express how you feel and what you prefer. A wounded or abusive man will run away, and a healthy masculine man will value yourself more.

He knows you are not going to blindly submit to him but that he has to earn your trust in his leadership.

So the more you trust a masculine man who is providing for you and showing you consistently over time that he deserves your trust, you naturally let your guard down and allow him into your life.

The right man will have no problems in respecting this because he sees your value and he is in it for the long haul, not just to have a quick fling.

Have an open mind because he might look different than expected

All women have their preferences in terms of the type of men they feel attracted to.

But when it comes to choose a man who is a provider from your feminine energy, there are certain things that don’t matter that much anymore.

For example, him being financially and emotionally stable and family oriented is much more important than his looks, his height or your chemistry.

A wounded woman falls in love quickly, a healed high value feminine woman chooses wisely and grows in love over time with the man who consistently provides for her and treats her well.

Very often the wounded woman has a rollercoaster relationship or situationship with the man she is so attracted from the get-go, falls head over heels and then all comes crashing down quickly, or she ends up marrying him and having an unhappy marriage, because it’s all trauma bonding.

The healed feminine woman sees beyond physical attraction, she takes her time to get to know a man, making him earn his space in her life, and builds a solid and happy relationship over time.

So be open to date men different than your usual type.

Men who are older, men who are shorter or taller than what you usually prefer, men who you are not that physically attracted at the first glance. Give other types of men a chance and you might be surprised.

The good thing is when you incorporate all of these tips in your life and dating, you will naturally repel the men who are not in their masculine energy.

Men who are in their wounded masculine and are bitter, men who are embodying feminine traits and want to go 50/50, men who are abusive or predators wanting to take from women, will all feel repeled by a woman in her full feminine power.

Because she has a good self esteem and she is in receiving mode, she has nothing to offer to those men, so they will quickly go away because there is no polarity or attraction.

Please notice that when you do your inner work of embodying your feminine energy and you only want a healthy masculine provider in your life and nothing else, it may take a while to meet the right man and it may look like you don’t have as many dates as before.

That is because you now have standards. You are choosing instead of being chosen.

As you embody your feminine energy more and more, the right type of men will start to appear and you’ll realize that in fact there are many healthy masculine provider men in the world!

So let the best man win!