To Embody Your Feminine Energy You Must Embrace Your Masculine Energy

As women we of course do not have as much testosterone as men, and therefore we don’t have the masculine energy they naturally have.

That is why many women that embodied masculine traits in order to survive and lived many years from that masculine energy, feel drained, frustrated and exhausted.

As feminine women, we are not supposed to be in that masculine energy most of the time, we are supposed to live from our feminine energy most of the time.

Embodying and reconnecting with your feminine energy and your softer side is a wonderful journey that so many women go through, leaving behind a life of survival mode hustling and working hard always on doing mode, to start a new life truly living from their feminine truth, more softer, slower and aligned.

But although embodying your feminine energy means releasing your masculine armour and traits, it doesn’t mean denying or rejecting your masculine energy.

It means embracing it from a new alignment and perspective.

We need our own masculine energy to give us a container of safety, protection and direction. To do things when needed.

The difference now is that you don’t live from that energy anymore. You just use it consciously when YOU choose and decide.

A few key reasons why you need to embrace your masculine energy:

Protection and safety

Your masculine energy is within you in order to come out if you need protection and safety.

It’s like having an internal bodyguard ready to step up to protect you at all times.

For example let’s imagine you are on a date with someone and that person doesn’t make you feel safe. Your masculine energy will come out immediately in order to protect you, so you say no and leave.

Feminine women are not people pleasers. They have standards and boundaries. If something or someone feels off, they use their masculine energy to say no and protect themselves.

It’s also a great way for you to know if a situation or a person is good for you or not.

A masculine healthy man will not trigger your masculine energy of protection, it is the opposite, he will make you feel safe and in your feminine energy.

So if you feel your masculine energy of protection next to someone or something, it is your sign to leave.

To take action from divine inspiration

When you live from your masculine energy all the time, you are in automated doing mode, hustling all day long, rushing from place to place and draining yourself.

When you choose to live from your feminine energy, you still do things and take action, but this time it comes from divine inspiration.

You feel called to take action on something and you use your masculine energy to support your feminine energy.

This means you don’t lose touch with how you feel, you stop if you need to rest and continue later.

Your “doing” mode is now consciously being led by your feminine energy and supported by the masculine.

Understanding masculine men and have healthy relationships

In order to have a healthy relationship with a masculine man (and with men in general), we need to understand what masculine energy is, and accept it in us first.

Same with men. A man who doesn’t embrace and understand his feminine energy cannot understand yours. He cannot hold space for your emotions and softer side if he doesn’t embrace that in himself first.

That is why so many men cannot connect emotionally with women, because they reject that part in themselves.

A healthy masculine man embraces and accepts that side of him, although he chooses to live from his masculine nature.

So same with women. In order to understand masculine energy, you need to embrace and accept that in yourself.

This is often called the inner alchemical marriage. When both your feminine and masculine energies are at peace within you.

Many women start feeling bitter and angry with masculine energy when they first start the journey of embodying their feminine energy, because they wake up to realise how much they were abused or taken advantage in the past.

Whilst it is normal to feel this way because you suddenly realise that being in the past in your masculine energy in relationships attracted a certain type of men and dynamics, and it is important to feel those emotions in order to release them, it comes a time when you need to make peace with masculine energy inside and outside of you, so you can fully embody your feminine energy and let masculine energy take care of you.

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