How to Use Your Dark Feminine Energy To Live Your Best Life

When embodying their feminine energy, many women believe they have to be lovey dovey, soft and nurturing to everyone all the time.

What that does is making you a people pleaser and co-dependant, which are trauma traits, not exactly feminine energy.

To fully embody your feminine energy you have in fact to embrace both your light and your dark feminine energy. Your Sun and your Moon.

This also doesn’t mean be agressive or rude to anyone. Those are also trauma traits.

It means choosing what you want to experience in your life, and saying no to everything and everyone that is not aligned.

It is your dark feminine side that gives you the right energy to feel deserving of the best life ever, the best things, the people who treat you right, and removing all that is not like that.

Sometimes embodying this dark feminine energy is more difficult to women than embodying their light feminine energy, because it means completely changing how you have been living and who you have been accepting in your life.

It means putting yourself first, making your well being a priority and having high standards.

It means you choose consciously whom and what you give your energy, your softness, your radiance.

Some tips to embody your dark feminine energy and live your best life:

Put yourself first

Feminine energy is nurturing, is kind, is alluring. But is not being a people pleaser and catering to the needs of everyone but yourself. That is a wounded feminine.

A woman who is fully embodying her feminine energy puts herself first.

This may sound selfish if you have been all your life putting others first, but in reality you cannot give from an empty cup.

A healed woman doesn’t need to put others first because she doesn’t need their validation. She validates herself.

So her well being is her priority, because she knows she has to always be and feel her best in order to live her best life.

So she takes good care of herself and she only gives to others from overflow.

Have boundaries and standards

A woman fully emboyding her feminine energy has standards for her life.

She decides how much money she wants, where she wants to live, what lifestyle she wants to have, what kind of friends, work and romantic partner she wants to have.

She also has standards on how she wants to be treated.

And so she applies boundaries based on those standards.

She doesn’t need to be agressive, rude, or over explain herself. She expresses herself from her feminine energy, saying how she feels.

If something doesn’t feel right to her, she voices what she accepts or not, or she simply leaves the situation or person if those boundaries are not respected, unapologetically.

When you say no to what you don’t want, you are saying yes to yourself.

It’s a bit like “I am like this, take it or leave it because I am not going to lower my standards to meet anyone”. They need to level up to meet yours.

And that way you’ll only accept in your life people who treat you right and who cherish your feminine energy.

Accept and express your not so pretty emotions

Feminine energy is not just about feeling and expressing good emotions. It’s about feeling it ALL!

It’s about accepting your not so pretty emotions like fear, anger, anxiety. Stop thinking those emotions are not feminine. They are human, so as you.

And you deserve to live the whole of your human experience in this planet, meaning you need to allow yourself to feel everything and honour all your emotions.

That’s the only way they can be released and other people can get to know you.

For example, when you have a healthy masculine man as a partner, he will hold space for all your emotions, not just the pretty ones.

He’ll know how you feel and how he can provide for you by you expressing your emotions to him in a vulnerable way.

But you need to accept your emotions first and let yourself feel them.

Connect with your sexual energy

You cannot fully embody your feminine energy without connecting to your womb and your sexual energy.

Sexual energy is life creative energy. It is also the energy that allows you to create your best life and anything you want.

If your sacral chakra is blocked, your creativity and connection to your feminine energy will be limited.

Open up the sacral chakra by fully accepting your sexuality, your sensuality as in feeling life through all your senses in everything you do, and let that energy drive you to be creative.

This means don’t give your sexual energy away to men who don’t honour you as a whole, and don’t give your sexual creative energy away to things that don’t inspire your soul.

Use your sexual energy wisely and connected to your heart.

Open up your sacral chakra and open to your sensuality and to enjoy your body. Some tips to do this:

– Pleasure yourself alone (buy some great toys!)

– Have slow sex with your partner who honours you, enjoying the journey and not the end goal

– Only do things that makes you feel passionate and discard the rest

– Body movement that connects you to your body: slow dancing, yoga, walks around nature

– Try new things that make you feel creative whilst using your hands: gardening, baking bread, knitting, etc.

– Nurture your body: go for a massage, take care of your hair and skin, eat nutritious food (especially food that has the color orange which is the colour of the sacral chakra).

Accept abundance as your birthright

A woman’s nature is not to work hard, hustle, prove yourself and your value, in order to have what you want in life.

A woman’s nature is to attract, pull, and receive.

This is valid for everything in her life: money, work, friends, situations, romantic partners, etc.

So if you have lived from a place of lack and scarcity, thinking you need to work hard to survive, it’s time to use your dark feminine energy to live differently.

It’s time to know your birthright is abundance.

That your feminine desires of your heart are valid and that you can have everything you desire in your life, simply because you desire it.

It’s time to see yourself as abundant and prosperous.

This might mean having for example to work on your relationship with money, and see yourself as worthy of receiving a constant overflow of money because you desire it, and feel safe.

It’s time to stop chasing and start attracting!

Be unapologetically

Everything we mentioned above resumes to one thing: being unapologetically.

Your dark feminine energy is what makes you have a high self esteem, feel abundant, and accept nothing but the best.

Yes you are still soft, nurturing, playful, and your dark feminine energy is in you exactly to protect all that.

So no more being that playful little girl that others take advantage of. You are now a playful grown high value woman with a fierce dark feminine side claiming only the best for your life!

Heal your subconscious traumas

That dark feminine energy in you knowing you deserve better and want better for your life is what is going to propel you further to heal your childhood traumas and patterns, and leave them for good.

To release masculine traits, to leave survival mode, to stop accepting less than what you deserve, to start acting and being from your conscious mind rather than your subconscious patterns.

Let that dark fire energy inside you to drive you further into doing your healing and becoming the beautiful abundant woman you always have been.

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