3 Powerful Mudras to Activate Your Feminine Energy

“Mudras,” meaning hand gestures, are an important part of yoga and meditation.

Not only do the mudra calm down your overwhelming emotions, but they also help you connect with your latent feminine energy. 

In this article, we are going to go over the 3 most powerful mudras that you can start practicing to get in touch with your feminine energy. 

Yoni Mudra

The word “yoni” refers to the womb, so this mudra is incredibly significant in helping you connect with your feminine energy. 

The yoni mudra is also a powerful hand gesture for facilitating the flow of chi or the life-force energy in your body. When this energy flows freely through the body, it paves the way for deeper healing and grounding. 

It also helps you gain access to your feminine energy by calming down your nervous system. Most females are usually in a state of fight and flight constantly, which eats away the energy reservoirs. However, this hand gesture can instantly shift your state and calm you down.

To practice the yoni mudra:

– Make sure that you are sitting in a calm and comfortable place.

– Sit straight with your spine erect. Extend your spine all tall as you can.

– Gently close your eyes.

– Bring your palms together in the prayer pose and point the thumbs up.

– Then gently move away the palms while the fingers are still in touch.

– Then fold all other fingers except the index and thumbs making a tent-like shape.

– Bring the mudra near your navel and gently press your thumbs against the abdomen.

– Breathe slowly and deeply in this posture.

Kali Mudra

This mudra signifies the force and power of the Hindu goddess of Kali.

This mudra is great for getting rid of the old, stale and stagnant energy and harnessing new, positive energy in your body. 

It also helps you eliminate negative emotions like anger, anxiety, fear and frustration.

To practice kali mudra:

– Sit in a quiet and calm place.

– Make sure your spine is upright and straight.

– Bring both palms together.

– Then point out both index fingers upwards while keeping all other fingers interlocked.

– Meditate in this mudra for 15 minutes while chanting any mantra or affirmation. 

Trimurti Mudra

This mudra is called the gesture of trinity, referring to the powerful Hindi trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

This hand gesture is known for instilling a sense of serenity inside the person practicing it.

It is especially useful in harnessing the divine feminine energy as this mudra teaches us how to flow with life’s currents. When we try to fight against the natural course of things, the flow of energy gets blocked, and therefore we don’t feel at ease. 

Practicing this mudra can help you connect with your higher self and surrender the things and circumstances you cannot control. 

To practice the trimurti mudra:

– Sit in a comfortable place and hold your spine as straight as possible.

– Bring both your hands together and connect the index fingers and thumbs while opening the rest of the fingers like wings.

– Then bring this mudra above your head.

– Start breathing deeply and notice the energy flowing through different parts of your body. 

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