5 Signs You Are Dating Like a Feminine Goddess

The dating game can be tricky and challenging for so many women because it involves dealing with men who are not as self aware as women naturally are. 

However, if you are dating while being in connection with your divine feminine energy, the entire process can become a lot smoother and enjoyable. 

Also, by embodying your feminine energy, you can become the hypnotic goddess capable of making any man fall for her and be attentive to her emotional needs.

Here are 5 signs that you are dating like a feminine Goddess:


A female’s most endearing and attractive quality is when she is authentic in her energy and feels confident in her own skin.

This authenticity creates a strong magnetic pull that the other party can never ignore. 

So, if you are not looking to impress or get validation from them, it is a sign that you are connected to your feminine energy. 

Instead of impressing them, your focus would shift to being your true self and navigating the date with authenticity. And men enjoy that energy because most women today have forgotten to feel comfortable in who they are.

Trusting the Process

Also, a woman who has made a successful connection with her feminine goddess aspect is never trying to rush things.

She believes that everything is always unfolding right as it should, and she trusts in her intuition more than what’s happening in her reality. Such a woman knows that there are infinite possibilities and choices in the universe, so she doesn’t need to chase love.

With the right energy, the right man will come to her on his own; meanwhile, she just needs to stay grounded and optimistic.


The woman who has embodied the essence of a feminine goddess is so sure of herself, yet her intent is never to rely on the result.

As I mentioned earlier, dating can sometimes be tricky, confusing and emotionally frustrating. 

But why is that so?

That is because the majority of us are fixated on the end result rather than enjoying things as they unfold. 

However, a woman embodying her feminine essence enjoys dating men without tying her happiness to some objective. She knows that she lives in an abundant universe and there is never a shortage of good men.

No Competition

A woman with feminine goddess energy is not interested in competing with the opposing masculine energy.

She is so secure and confident in her natural feminine aura that she lets the other party lead the way. She never gets into the business of controlling things but carries herself with sheer grace and authenticity.


A divine feminine is also not afraid of showing her true feelings and emotions. 

By letting her own guard down, she gives the other party a chance to express themselves fully. Vulnerability is an important aspect of dating because it gives both parties a safe space to open up and discuss things.

Thus, the woman who is dating from her feminine goddess energy makes sure to place some degree of vulnerability in all of her romantic interactions. 

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