What is Human Design and How it Influences Your Feminine Energy?

Human Design is an incredibly useful system that sheds light on your energetic makeup and teaches you how to navigate through life more effortlessly by aligning with your energy. 

But most importantly, knowing your human design can also help you identify if it is more beneficial for you to operate from your feminine energy or not. 

However, before we move onto that subject, it’s important to understand what human design really is.

What is Human Design?

Human design is a blueprint, or an energetic graph that helps you understand your life path and make key decisions that will help you live to your highest potential. 

Think of it as an “instruction manual” for life. If you have access to this manual, won’t everything, every decision become more effortless and easy?

Of course it will and that is the reason knowing your human design is so important. 

Types of Human Design

There are 4 types of human design:

Manifestors: They manifestors as the name suggests are the “go-getters”. They make things happen by daring to dream big. 

Projectors: The projectors are the ones who guide other people and don’t do the work themselves.

Generators: These are the people who do the work and are therefore the builders of our planet.  

Reflectors: This is the rarest form of human design with only 1% of the population being generators. These people are highly influenced by the energy of others around them. 

Human Design & Feminine Energy

To know how your human design influences your feminine energy, you first need to be aware of what your human design is.

A human design is generated by putting in your place of birth, time and date.

Once you know that you are either a manifestor, projector, generator or a reflector; you can then use this knowledge to further deepen your understanding of your feminine energy. 

So, you have to look at your graph for this. 

If the arrows on your graph are pointing towards the Right more than the left side, then it is an indication that you are supposed to operate from your feminine energy more than your masculine energy. 

This implies that you need to make a conscious connection with your feminine side and use that energy to navigate through life.

However, if the arrows on your graph are pointing more towards the left side, then it is an indication that you should be making more use of your masculine energy. 

Benefits of Knowing Your Human Design

I can write pages about how beneficial knowing your human design is for you, but to keep things simple, here are the most promising benefits:

– Knowing your human design will help you understand your energy flow and how you can harness your own energy to achieve what you desire.

– Then having access to your human design is important because it helps you stay in alignment with your true self (your energetic framework).

– Also, when your human design is a tool that can assist you with making the right decision in your life.

– Lastly, when you gain knowledge about your human design, you can reflect on your past and instantly make a connection about why things went against you. Knowing that can help you stay away from repeating those mistakes in future.

Want to do your very own Human Design Chart & Analysis?


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