6 Crystals That Channel & Heal Your Feminine Energy

So, are you witnessing a slump in your creative abilities or just feeling that you are unable to express yourself fully?

Or perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and unable to find your path in life. 

Well, those are the signs that you might have lost connection with your all powerful and guiding feminine energy. 

A true connection with your feminine energy will help you heal your past traumas, emotional imbalances and will make you feel at ease with your life circumstances.

And crystals are a great choice for restoring that connection.

In this article, you find 6 crystals that can channel and heal your feminine energy:


Amethyst is a vibrant, purple crystal perfect for channelling and healing your wounded feminine energy. 

This crystal is known for balancing the yin and yang energies in the body and thus, brings about a peaceful harmony in your mind and soul.

Amethyst also helps in releasing the negative emotions from your energetic centres(chakras) and helps you to connect with your inner wisdom. 

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, compassion and acceptance.

This crystal is especially helpful in healing your heart chakra which deals with all the matters of love and emotional bonding.

Rose Quartz assists you in tending to your emotional wounds and connecting with your goddess self. 

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Moonstone is a wonderful crystal that is often associated with the moon and its powerful feminine energy. 

If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed in your life, this crystal can help balance out those energies and make you feel calm and centred. 

Moonstone also balances the female hormones and is incredibly useful for healing fertility issues. 

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Selenite is widely hailed as the crystal for the inner healing of mind and body. It is known for its ability to cleanse your aura by releasing all the stuck emotions and energies.

People also use it in their meditation sessions to tap into the higher consciousness.

Selenite also brings clarity about your goals and vision; and thus a great crystal to use if you are feeling stuck creatively.


This crystal is especially useful in evoking the vibration of divine love in you.

Thus, if you are looking to connect with your goddess self, this crystal is a must to have in your collection. 

It promotes feelings of self-love and compassion by opening your heart to these powerful emotions.

Since feminine energy is all about bonding, connection, and love, this beautiful crystal thus also helps you channel your feminine energy in a powerful way.


Throat chakra deals with our ability to communicate in a powerful and eloquent manner.

If your throat chakra is blocked, you might suffer from the inability to properly express yourself.

This blue-green crystal is very helpful in healing the throat chakra. 

Also, Chrysocolla promotes creativity and inspiration and helps you tap into your intuition.

And if you are looking to calm down your energies, this crystal will help you do that and connect with your nourishing feminine vibe. 

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