How to Lose Extra Weight in Your Feminine Energy

Very often one of the consequences for women that have been for so long embodying masculine energy in order to survive, is gaining extra weight.

This is true especially if they are single moms, having to do everything on their own.

This is due to two main reasons:

– Being too much in their masculine energy messes with their hormones and creates inbalances in their bodies.

– Being too much in their masculine energy makes a woman feel exhausted, resentful, anxious, worried, and very often she turns to food to numb those unconfortable emotions (emotional eating).

So very often the excess weight she puts on her body is a direct result of the excess weight she is carrying on her shoulders.

This is very important to recognize, because many women think they are lazy or they lack discipline to follow a nutrition and fitness programme or to stop eat sugar, when in reality the issue is much deeper than just surface level.

Yes it is important to make life changes if you are not happy with your body or weight (like eating healthier or exercise), but the changes need first of all to come from love, you loving your body, and also you need to embody your feminine energy and lose the extra weight from that space.

Because what makes you “fail” to lose the extra weight is not your lack of discipline or that you are “lazy”, but is because you are trying to force yourself to do it in a masculine energy, which is exactly the reason you gained the weight in the first place.

So that makes you feel even more exhausted than usual and your body can’t sustain it for too long, and so many women end up binge eating or giving up, in a never ending cycle of trying new diets and exercise regimens, giving up, coming back, etc.

How embodying your feminine energy is key to lose the extra weight and feel wonderful

Feminine energy is not about hustling, working hard, be on doing mode all day long, looking to achieve goals all the time.

It’s about slowing down. It’s about enjoying life and the present moment.

It’s also about connecting with your emotions.

Whilst masculine energy is all about controlling your emotions to get things done, feminine energy is about FEELING and honouring your emotions.

For many women that have been too much embodying masculine traits in order to survive, feeling their emotions is something they don’t do.

They ignore or supress their emotions in order to get things done. And then end up eating their emotions in the form of extra food or eating sugary foods, because the body needs an outlet.

When you embody your feminine energy and start connecting with how your body feels and how you feel, you start listening to your emotions and you start expressing them.

You don’t need to eat them out or numb them anymore, you acknowledge them and you listen to them. The good ones and the not so pretty ones.

You stop ignoring how you feel. You start honouring how you feel and you allow yourself to feel ALL THE FEELS!

You become emotionally available with yourself.

Most people can recognize 3 basic emotions: sadness, happiness and anger. But there are TONS of other emotions life feeling anxiety, shame, fear, regret, bitter, hopeful, curious, etc.

It is important to recognize what emotions you are feeling.

If you have a hard time recognizing your emotions, take a look at the Wheel of Emotions by Mel Robbins:

Start at the center and identify the emotion that is easier, and then go from there to identify other emotions that are linked to that.

For example if you feel angry, what other emotions you might be feeling too?

You might also be feeling disgust about something, or frustrated.

This will make you feel connected with yourself and get to know yourself better, instead of resorting to eat sugar or the unhealthy food to not feel the emotions.

And when you identify the emotions, let yourself feel them. Accept them. And understand why you are feeling that.

Emotions need to be felt in order to be released and in order for you to make permanent changes in your life and coming out of the hamster wheel of survival mode.

Have a lifestyle that makes you feel great

Embodying your feminine energy means a change of lifestyle.

Not only you are connected to your heart and honouring how you feel, but you also start living differently. A slower and more joyful life.

You can still use masculine energy to get things done, but that is done now by choice and with purpose, not unconsciously like before.

You chose to use masculine energy to get some things done, but then come back to your feminine energy of being in the present moment.

And you can also ask for help and stop doing everything on your own. Ask your spouse, family, friends, for help, or outsource certain things like house cleaning or having the grocery shopping delivered.

Feminine energy is all about asking and receiving help!

And also even when you are using masculine energy to get things done, you still are in touch with your body and how it feels.

So for example if you feel tired and need to rest, you stop and rest. You don’t keep pushing and forcing yourself. You rest. How you feel is the priority.

So this also means start eating healthier and exercising in a way that MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!

Is not anymore about following rigid masculine fitness programmes that drains you, or eating certain foods you don’t even like.

Especially when many of those training programmes and nutrition plans are only focused on the outcome and have zero consideration to how you feel and your feminine hormones.

It’s about finding your balance. It’s about balancing your hormones above all.

It’s about eating healthy foods that give you energy and make you feel great (feeling good is your priority), and about moving your body in ways that make you feel alive and happy.

It’s also about recognizing when you are eating in an emotional way to numb certain emotions and when you are eating because you are truly hungry.

This doesn’t mean not eating treats ever again, it means eating treats from a conscious choice once in a while, not every day to numb emotions or compensate for the tiredness you feel.

Finding your feminine energy and your balance will help your body find its balance as well, and losing the extra weight naturally because you lost the extra weight internally on an energetic level.

Also, please notice that getting used to recognize your emotions, stop with the emotional eating and balancing your body and your hormones (and embodying your feminine energy) is a process that takes time and practice, so be kind and soft with yourself, and honour your timing.

Also if you feel the need, reach out to other people who can help you in this process and resonate with you, being a therapist, a nutritionist, or even a friend.

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