Feminine Energy: Why You Don’t Need to Be Submissive to Be With a Masculine Man

In many places talking about feminine energy in relationships many coaches tell women they need to be submissive to men.

This usually leads to a heated discussion on many Facebook groups or Instagram accounts, because when women hear this, their own masculine energy instinct of protection is switched on.

They immediatelly think that submission to a man leads to her being controlled by an abusive egotistical man.

In this article we’ll going to dig deep into what this submission means and why a feminine woman actually does not need to be submissive to any type of man in order to be in a healthy and polarized relationship.

What is a woman being submissive to a man?

What very often this means is that the man leads the relationship and she follows blindly.

He takes all the decisions, initiates, plans, and leads her. She submits to all of this.

Although in theory this can make sense from a polarity point of view, in the pratical sense it doesn’t.

And the reason why it doesn’t make sense in a pratical way is because the only type of men who want a submissive woman by their side by default are indeed abusive who can’t lead anywhere else in life, so they purposely seek out submissive aka weak women to control.

Many coaches say that a man who wants a submissive woman is masculine.

But, there are two types of men being masculine:

The type that lives from his ego

This type of man is that abusive insecure man who uses his masculine energy to control and abuse and wants women who put him on a pedestal and submit blindly to him.

The type that lives from his heart

This type of man uses his masculine energy to create a better life for himself and the woman he loves. He leads from his heart and for her highest good, so he doesn’t need a woman who is submissive.

This type of man doesn’t seek a woman who submits to him.

He seeks a woman who TRUSTS him.

He makes a woman feel safe, adored, provided for. He creates a safe and stable container for her to thrive. And so she naturally lets down her guard and trusts him.

This trust in him is EARNED. He needs to earn it through showing her consistently over time with his ACTIONS that he deserves her trust.

So, it is important to differentiate between the man who leads through his ego and wants a woman to submit to him blindly , and a man who leads from his heart and the woman naturally trusts his leadership because she feels safe.

This is the type of woman who is high value and is not the submissive type by default to any man.

There are certainly women with feminine wounds who don’t trust any man and cannot let their guard down ever, and that is why it is important to heal yourself and embody your feminine energy so you learn how to recognize both types of men.

But when you are a feminine woman who is healed and high value you know that when your masculine energy of protection is arising next to a man, it means is time to leave, not time to submit to anything.

So this thing about feminine women having to be submissive can lead to many misunderstandings, because it can lead to women feeling powerless.

If you feel that, it time to retrain your thinking. You need to be the woman who is doing the picking and choosing the right man, not submitting to any man who provides for you.

So change the word “submit” to the word TRUST

Whilst “submit” makes you feel powerless, weak, small, worried, “trust” makes you feel powerful, feminine, radiant, safe.

You know you have a man in your life who plays his position well consistently by doing and being what you want and need him to be, and you trust his leadership and his decisions.

And of course, before you can trust the right man (and anyone else in your life), you need to trust yourself first.

You need to heal your feminine wounds, release your masculine traits and armour, and start trusting yourself that you make the right choices for your life.

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