Feminine Energy Texting: How To Keep Him Hooked

Texting has become an important part of the dating scene today but most of us abuse this utility by approaching it the wrong way.

However, if you are connected with your feminine essence, you can create captivating conversations that will help you vet men properly and distinguish the genuine men from the not so genuine.

In this Feminine Energy Texting article, I am going to give you 5 very powerful tips on how to text with feminine energy.

So, make sure you check out all of them before you start texting your online matches.

Make it meaningful

Small talk and complimenting each other over and over again can only go so far.

In fact, the repetition of the same topics of conversation is the main culprit behind the breakdown of so many relationships. 

Texting quickly becomes stale and almost feels like a chore to both the parties when no meaningful conversation is initiated by either party.

And since you are the one embodying your feminine energy in the equation, you can easily initiate conversations that are on a deeper level with feminine energy texting.

Such conversations will keep both of you engaged and interested over the texts. So, take your time with this and really get to know the other person. 

Don’t indulge in very long conversations

Since you wish to operate from your divine feminine self and not as a regular woman who is dying to get their attention, you must not drag the conversations too long over text.

Texting is a way to quickly exchange some words, so don’t make it a source of boredom by dragging your conversations too long.

When you have fewer, quicker conversations, it will give the other party an impression that you have other things to tend to in your life.

And you are not just sitting there and waiting for their texts all day long. 

Stop over-analyzing

One of the disadvantages of trying to build a connection over texting is that you may start developing judgments and notions from your brief conversations.

It is not possible for anybody to fully express themselves over texting so, learn to give them a margin here.

Don’t waste your energies in over-analyzing anything they say or do. 

You should be confident in who you are and no matter how they respond, you should feel safe in your divine feminine essence.

So, take things on face value and don’t try to deduce unreasonably from the conversations.

Stay mysterious

An important aspect of the divine feminine is her magnetic charm and a mysterious aura.

No matter how important the other person is to you, you must never reveal everything about yourself too soon.

(Btw this doesn’t mean that you are trying to manipulate them by keeping some secrets. No, that’s the right energy for a thriving relationship.) 

What I mean is that just don’t be too quick to tell them everything as a little curiosity is healthy for a relationship. 

Give this connection the time it needs to mature and fully develop.

Create a safe space

A woman who is connected to her feminine energy is never afraid to be a little vulnerable as she doesn’t see emotions as a weakness but rather a source of her strength. 

Interestingly, when you will be open emotionally, it will give the other person safe space to open up too and as a result, your conversations will become even more interesting. 

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