Want to Embody Your Feminine Energy Fast? Take This Quantum Leap!

Many women who have been in their masculine energy and in survival mode for so many years struggle to step into their feminine energy once they are aware of it.

They want to embody their feminine energy but they are too stuck in the current reality or identify too much with how they have been living.

That is why I received many messages on our social media channels saying “I want to embody my feminine energy but don’t know how”.

So on this article I’m telling you how to embody your feminine energy… fast!

This worked for me like a charm.

I studied about feminine energy, released old patterns and masculine traits, healed, but it was only when I did this and took this Quantum Leap that things truly started to change for me:


A new identity based on the woman I want to be and how I want to live and feel every single day.

How to create this new identity?

First you need to stop identifying with how you were up until now. With your choices, situations, people your attracted and accepted, etc.

You need to realise that was not the true you. That was the you that had to embody certain masculine traits in order to survive. That’s it. Time to let it go.

Now, think of yourself like a woman who has always been in her feminine energy.

You always lived a soft life.

You always had men providing for you and protecting you.

You had a father who was a provider and a protector, that always treated you like a princess, and he raised you to only accept men similar to him and have high standards.

You had a loving, nurturing and emotionally available mother who was provided for, protected and adored by your father.

You watched their loving relationship dynamic every single day.

You never planned dates, paid for dates or drove to meet any man.

Men always picked you up, planned nice dates, paid for dates and made sure you were always feeling good.

You were always spoiled and adored.

You have a high self esteem and only accept the best since you were born.

You are used to princess treatment. That is the normal to you.

You never had worries, no stress, no endless list of things to do, no people pushing you to masculine energy, no survival mode, you never known struggle or abuse.

Now feel in your body how all that feels.

Living a true feminine and soft easy life.

You feel relaxed, your nervous system is calm, you are soft, loving, yet you have strong boundaries and standards.

You are open to receive and let others provide for you.

You attract people who value and honor your feminine energy.

You feel like living your best life.

Now that you know how it feels, start showing up like her

In every situation think ‘what would I do, what would I decide or respond or decide from this soft and beautiful energy’.

For example, if you meet a man and he asks you to drive halfway to meet him on a first date, that is something very weird to you.

You never drove to meet any man on a first date. You never had any man asking you that.

So you respond from that place.

You either tell him you only feel comfortable if he drives to you, or you just move on because you are not aligned.

Another example: you are feeling exhausted but still have a lot of work to do for the clients in your business.

So you respond from that place.

You connect with how you feel and what you need. And you honor and respect that.

So you act on it. You either ask for help and delegate the work to someone else, take a nap to recharge, reschedule a call with a client, etc.

You act from LIVING, not from survival mode anymore.

If you find it difficult to do this in the beginning, start by journaling.

Write down a specific situation, connect with your new identity and write how you’re going to react from that energy.

You know you are always safe and protected no matter what, and you put your well-being first.

You act from the woman you want to be, from your feminine energy.

From choosing to feel good at all times.

There. You are embodying your feminine energy.

Massive Quantum leap! 💖

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