The Wounded Feminine Energy (Signs & Causes)

You want to rejoice in your feminine essence and harness the aura of the divine feminine within you, but it’s taking a toll on your energy reservoirs.

Well, you might have a wounded feminine energy and don’t even know it. To embrace the divine feminine, you must first heal the wounded feminine.

What is wounded feminine energy? 

Wounded feminine energy refers to compromised energy. 

It prevents you from unleashing your true feminine essence, and you find it difficult to embrace femininity in all its glory.

Here are a 3 major signs of the wounded feminine energy:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your emotions 
  • Rejecting compliments and appreciation
  • Following the crowd rather than relying on your inner guidance

What causes the wounded feminine energy?

Wounded feminine energy is almost always a result of the traumatic events in your past. Emotional neglect, physical or psychological abuse and other energy-draining incidents can leave lasting impressions on your subconscious.

Your body and mind internalize these events so that they can keep you safe in case such an event arises in the future. This is the basic survival mechanism of the human brain.

Let’s try to understand the causes behind wounded feminine energy in greater detail so that you can assess your situation and see what can be fixed and what you should focus on.

You invest too much in developing masculine energy.

No matter how much we try to ignore it, the reality is that modern society values masculine traits much more than feminine ones.

Society needs hustlers, logical & analytical folks who can be good for the economy and drive profits. Therefore, many often see the feminine energy of cooperation, intuition and compassion as a weakness. 

You might have been subjected to such biases in society, and that must have caused your feminine energy to erode. 

You have a mother with a wounded feminine energy.

A mother’s actions and behavior play an important part in the psychological development of her kids, especially her daughter’s.

Unfortunately, the majority of the mothers were never made aware of their feminine energy and never had a strong identity of their own. With such a mother as an important figure in your life, developing a healthy feminine side is a major challenge. 

You have been a victim of some form of abuse.

Whether it’s physical or emotional, all abuse chips off at your feminine energy because this abuse usually comes from the wounded masculine; thus, it makes the feminine look weak and fragile.

Therefore, a lot of women who go through abuse and neglect permanently get into a victim mindset. They are always scared and feel threatened even if their present environment is harmonious and conducive.

Final Words

It would be best to acknowledge that you have wounded feminine energy in the first place; only then can you take steps to heal from it.

Take a good look at your past circumstances and see what caused you to disconnect from your feminine essence. Once you know the causes, you can take action to address them and completely heal your feminine energy. 

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