How To Run a Business From Your Feminine Energy

So many women run businesses by embodying masculine traits such as: hustling, working hard, being too much in their heads, forcing themselves to do more, etc.

And many call themselves “boss babes” and are proud of the hustle.

I know, I have been one of them.

I built a very successful business in social media marketing, made very good money from it, my lifestyle was amazing, and… I was exhausted and lonely. And fed up.

My energy was being drained every day because I had this belief that in order to be successful I can’t stop.

I can’t allow myself to rest, to allow, to just receive. No, I add to prove to myself and the world that I am a woman and I can do it. At the expense of my well-being and my feminine energy.

I see this all the time on social media. Instagram boss babes posting luxury lifestyle photos, and ignoring how they truly feel inside.

Because when you are too much in a masculine energy, you simply ignore how you feel. Because putting how you feel first is feminine energy.

So basically you are in performative boss babe energy. You embody this persona of who you think you have to be in order to be successful.

The day I had a health scare and was told my immune system was weak and I was feeling exhausted, I knew something had to change.

I couldn’t ignore how I feel anymore.

Especially because I was also a full-time single mom and cranky all the time. I was missing my soft, nurturing and relaxed feminine energy. I was missing to just receive without having to work for it and prove my worth all the time.

I was also burned out and starting to doubt myself, procrastinating and simply in inaction, which made me feel guilty because of my belief I should be striving and hustling.

I also started to realise that my business wasn’t growing and I reached a certain income and couldn’t go up.

That was the time I decided something has to change. I had to change.

I started knowing women who were running their businesses but weren’t in hustling masculine mode. They were just enjoying life and everything they need would just appear to them.

So I discovered I was embodying masculine traits who weren’t natural to me.

To a man, those masculine traits are natural. Men (especially the very masculine ones), can hustle and do and keep going all day long every single day. They have the testosterone and the DNA for it.

Women are built different. They can of course work and do things but their nature is not to keep going forever. Their nature is to RECEIVE.

A feminine woman natural state is to receive from the Universe, from others, from everything around her. Easily and effortlessly.

This ability to receive is a SUPER POWER! More powerful than any boss babe hustle mode.

Because it allows you to only do work you are passionate about, be creative, and stop to rest when you need.

Your internal guiding system in the form of your intuition and your emotions are the ones who guide your life. Not facts and numbers and goals.

So when you run a business from your feminine energy and you open to receive, you open to INFINITE ABUNDANCE!

There are no limits to how much money you can receive, how many amazing clients come to you, how much help you get and how many opportunities appear.

Because all of that is not dependent on how much you do, but on how much you are open to receive!

Your worth is not tied up to how many tasks you accomplished today or how many goals you reached. Your worth is UNCONDITIONAL.

Your focus is on ENJOYING life. Every single day.

So, here are a few top tips to run your business from your feminine energy:

1. Only work from inspiration and creativity

Instead of having rigid working schedules and routines that kill your feminine spirit, only work when you feel inspired and you have your creative juices flowing.

This is compeltely the opposite of boss babe masculine vibes, who tell you to hustle hard every day. Wake up at 5am and hustle!

Seriously, wake up at whatever time you feel like it so you wake up relaxed and restored. Your well-being comes first.

When you do work from inspiration and creativity, your are putting out your RADIANT feminine energy in everything you do, and the world feels that amazing energy.

Working is not even working, is simply enjoying channeling your creativity.

So, how do you get things done? By delegating and using automated systems.

In my social media marketing business, I used tons of automated tools and apps so I would create and schedule posts when I was feeling creative and the systems post for me at anytime during the day.

Also, the tasks you don’t like or are a chore delegate them to other people who love doing those things.

Things like paperwork, taxes, repetitive work tasks, etc. Get an assistant.

I used to struggle with delegating and outsourcing because I wasn’t open to receive from others and I had trouble trusting. So I was doing everything myself.

The day I hired other people to help me, it was such a HUGE relief! And you have to trust the Universe will bring the right people to help you when you open up to receive help.

So instead of doing so much, shift the mindset from doing work to nurturing your business.

Feminine energy is all about nurturing. Herself, the people she loves, her home, and also her business.

2. Listen to how you feel

Feminine women put how they feel as a priority.

They are fully connected with their emotions, they express their emotions out into the world and they honour them.

So they follow their natural internal rythm and cycles, not routines and schedules. They work when they feel inspired and creative and they rest when they need.

And they know that when they are resting they are fully supported by masculine energy and containers such as a masculine partner, other people helping them, and the Universe in general.

They know that is what abundance is. Knowing that they have everything they need and they don’t need to hustle and exhaust themselves for it. Things are always happening behind the scenes, even when they are resting and relaxing.

3. Listen to your intuition

A feminine woman doesn’t listen to facts, numbers or other mind triggers.

She trusts her intuition. In her life and in her business.

She follows what makes her heart sing, and what feels right inside her. She trusts her intuition and inner wisdom unconditionally, and it is always right.

4. Be open to changes and redirections

A feminine woman doesn’t have rigid set-in-stone business plans and goals.

She knows that things in her life and her business is always changing as she changes.

A feminine woman is always evolving and growing, and so her business might take a turn or change in a new direction that was unexpected.

Masculine energy is a straight line forward. Feminine energy is a line full of curves and detours and amazing journeys, full of emotions and color.

She knows is not about the end goal, but about enjoying the journey and every single day, keeping her mind and heart open to things changing.

5. Trust the Universe

A woman in her feminine energy feels safe. She knows she is provided for and protected at all times.

She knows that the more she honours herself, how she feels, and follows her intuition, the more she receies goodness and abundance.

She doesn’t question if she should be working more when she needs to rest. She doesn’t question she is going to run our of money or opportunities because she is playing with her kids or pets, or doing a massage and not completing tasks.

She fully trusts herself and the Universe, knowing that as long as she feels good, all is well. All is as it should be.

And THAT can be in itself a major challenge for many women who have been in masculine energy for many years. The ability to trust.

To just let go of that masculine mindset and fully embody her femininity and trust, and bring it to her business.

But the truth is, the more you trust, the more you receive. Because the Universe wants to give you so much!

6. Be open to receive

As mentioned before, being open to receive is key in your business.

Masculine energy is about providing and doing. Feminine energy is about receiving.

So many women are doing too much in their business and receiving so little.

So shift the energy, embody your feminine energy of receiving and let others and the Universe to give to you.

When you open up to receive, you start realizing that you do not need to hustle hard or to prove anything.

Because the Universe is always ready to give you abundance, but you are blocking it with your masculine energy mindset of doing mode.

The same way when you go on a date, you don’t need to be doing things or making lots of effort so the man gives you an amazing experience. You just need to be open to receive an amazing experience from him.

So it is in your business. The more you only do what makes your heart sing and you are open to abundance, that’s all that matters.

7. Nurture your relationships

Many boss babes make their business tasks and goals the priority in their lives, sometimes at the expense of relationships.

To a feminine woman, relationships are the most important thing. That is why very often feminine women delegate or automate the repetitive business tasks and focus on nurturing the relationships with others.

They focus on nurturing the relationships with their clients through calls, making social media videos, interviews, podcasts, interacting and engaging online or running online and offline events.

Masculine energy interaction is very based on goals and getting an outcome. Feminine energy interaction is focused on being in the present moment, in sharing, connecting, expressing emotions.

The outcome will happen organically. Is not forced or the primary focus.

The focus is on creating and nurturing relationships that cater to your inner world.

8 Focus on enjoying life

As said before, feminine energy in business is not a straight line.

It is a line with many curves and the purpose is enjoying it.

Running a business from feminine energy is not about obsessing, worrying or forcing things to happen.

It’s about a soft energy of inspired action combined with being open to receive and let things unfold as they should, trusting that all is happening for you.

And so you can and should enjoy your days, doing what you love, and watching your business bloom.

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