How To Reclaim Your Sexual Energy as a Feminine Woman

The masculine and feminine energies exist as an integral part of our world, and both divine energies play their respective roles in creating a delicate balance on our planet.

But the modern way of life and the hustle culture has made the masculine energy the star of the show.

While I am not against the logical and goal-oriented masculine energy, I am concerned about how the glorification of the masculine has led to complete ignorance of the divine feminine.

The divine feminine energy is as important (if not more) than its much-celebrated masculine counterpart, and its link to our sexuality makes it incredibly powerful.

Sexual energy is the essence of the feminine

Sexuality and sensuality are important aspects of the divine feminine.

Unfortunately, when we talk about embracing one’s sexual and sensual side, it’s met with much resistance.

Society has conditioned women to feel uneasy or even ashamed of their sexual desires, urges, and aspirations.

Sexual energy is sacred energy. 

It is the start of creation. Without this energy, there would be no creation and no existence of the world. 

Similarly, the act of sexual intercourse is spiritual in its own right. It’s not just about indulging in the act; it’s rejoicing in the dance between the physical and the non-physical.

Sexual energy is powerful, and through sexual intercourse, we give this energy a passage to move through us.

Now, if the lower energy centres (also called chakras) of our body are open and receptive, this energy will freely move through, and we will be able to enjoy this gift that nature has given us.

However, for most people, the lower energy centres of the body are not fully aligned and open. This means the powerful sexual energy becomes trapped and stagnant in our bodies.

Stagnation of the sexual energy

There can be many reasons why vibrant sexual energy becomes imbalanced and stagnant (especially in women). Here are three major ones:

  • The shame and societal conditioning around sex and sexuality.
  • The generational trauma passed on from the ancestors can prevent some women from exploring their sexual side.
  • Past sexual abuse and violent incidents can close the body and mind to new experiences.

Embracing the sexual energy

The sexual energy, however, can be healed and brought to a balance. 

Here are a few ways to reclaim this powerful energy and realign with the feminine essence:

  • By letting go of the control that society has conditioned us to exercise in case of our sexual urges and desires.
  • Through breaking free of the difficult past and starting afresh. 
  • By learning to trust the sexual energy coupled with love and compassion.

Final words

Sexual energy is fascinating, and it plays a huge role in the reclamation of the divine feminine. When we are bold enough to embrace our sexuality, miracles are bound to happen for our bodies, minds and souls. 

We can heal from our past traumas and learn to relish in the pleasures of life by harnessing the inner power that each of us has access to. 

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