What is Feminine Energy? 5 Ways To Be More Feminine

Feminine energy, a.k.a the divine feminine energy, is the nurturing and grounding power with traits that contrast with masculine energy.

The masculine energy tends to be more logical, goal-oriented and driven.

Whereas the sacred feminine energy embraces life and fully rejoices in all its moments. The feminine energy also heavily relies on intuition (the powerful inner wisdom available to each of us).

Is it important to connect to divine feminine energy?  

The feminine energy is compassionate energy that believes in nurturing and creating. This sacred energy is essential to making our world a loving and harmonious place.

But modern, capitalistic societies usually value the logical and analytical traits of the masculine to the soft and understanding nature of the feminine. This is why many people shy away from embracing their feminine essence.

A balance of both energies (masculine and feminine) is needed in every individual to harness their gifts and use them to reach their highest potential.

5 Ways to connect to feminine energy


Feminine energy is all about listening to the inner voice that is always ready to guide us through every circumstance.

Self-reflection can be a great tool to help you slow down, take a break and connect with your inner world.

Creative Expression

The feminine energy is creative energy; thus, a great idea to connect with this powerful energy is by giving time to your creative pursuits.

Creative expression can come through in different ways. Painting, dancing, designing, writing or something else that helps you get into a flow state.

Connecting with Nature

Mother nature is feminine energy. It believes in creating, nourishing and nurturing. 

When you take time and consciously spend it in nature (a park, a forest, or a water body), you will likely feel inspired, refreshed, and in tune with your inner self.


The dominant masculine energy wants you to be aggressive and ahead of things. But the divine feminine is about taking it slow.

To connect with your feminine energy, indulge in some downtime. Where you are not doing anything but just being present in the moment.

Meditation or Yoga can be wonderful activities to take up during your downtime.

Understanding Emotions

The feminine energy works with your emotions. So, it’s incredibly important that you build a sound understanding of your emotions and how they impact your life. 

Knowledge is power, and knowledge about your feelings and emotions gives you the power to transform your life.

You can work on building emotions that make you thrive while (subtly) eliminating those that take you down the negative thought loops.

Final Words

If you are exhausted from everyday life and your routine, chances are that you are running high on your masculine energy and completely disconnected from your feminine energy. 

You can use the 5 ways we discussed in this blog post to connect with that energy and feel inspired about life again.

If you are really burned-out, then it will take some time for you to get there, but, within a couple of weeks you will feel in alignment with your divine feminine self.

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