What is Feminine Communication and How To Use It With Men

What is Feminine Communication and How To Use It With Men

Before we go into what is feminine communication and how to use it with men, let’s take a minute to understand how masculine men want to feel with a woman.

Masculine men want to feel:

– That they provide for a woman in many ways: one of them is providing solutions to problems

– That their problem solving and solutions are well received by the woman

– That they are leading the dating/relationship dynamic

– That his woman is happy and relaxed through his provision

When a man feels like this, he is in his masculine energy fully with a feminine woman who receives from him. This is called polarity, and what makes opposites attract.

Unfortunately nowadays many women don’t communicate with men in a feminine way so many men don’t have the chance to provide for them and make them happy.

Or they do, but in a way that feels emasculating.

Many women nowadays have embodied masculine traits and are in survival doing mode, even when they are with a man.

These women are too focused on reaching goals, getting an outcome and finding solutions to problems. All masculine traits.

This is fine in certain things like work, but it kills polarity and attraction in dating or a relationship because the woman is basically being the man, and he feels emasculated because she doesn’t allow him to use his own natural masculine traits with her.

Many women communicate with men like this:

– Telling men what to do

– Providing the solution to problems

– Making decisions and planning things

– Blaming and judging men

Please notice that this type of communication is very goal achieving oriented (a masculine trait) and is no different to a man to the way his male colleagues communicate at work.

Or it is very mothering (when a woman blames, lashes out or judges a man).

So this is a great way for a man to not feel his masculine energy with a woman and feeling emasculated near her, killing attraction.

Many women do this because they are in survival mode and/or have fear of letting go due to past traumas. They can’t trust that a man can love them, care for them and that they can just RELAX.

So men become emasculated and women became exhausted and frustrated.

The solution? Feminine communication.

What is Feminine Communication?

Feminine communication is all about sharing what you FEEL. From your heart.

In order to communicate with feminine energy, you need 3 things:

– To be in touch/connected with how you feel

– To honour your feelings

– To validate all your feelings: the good and the not so good ones

Sharing what you feel is just that: sharing what you feel. Saying it out loud.

Because you want to express it into the world.

It’s not about telling a man what to do, is not about expecting an outcome from him, is not about directing a man to something you want.

It’s just EXPRESSING yourself.

Is saying “I feel hungry”. That’s it.

What this does to a man who is in his masculine provider energy, is instintively activate his desire to take care of you. To provide a solution to how you feel.

So based on what he knows about you, he’ll provide you with the best solution, like bringing you food from the kitchen, cooking for you, ordering food or going out to eat.

But he leads, he chooses and he provides the solution. THAT makes him feels like a man providing for the woman he loves.

This is very different from telling him “I am hungry, please get me food from the kitchen”. That is goal and outcome oriented and masculine.

The man can still do it of course, but his masculine instinct is not activated as he is only following your order. He can even feel emasculated by that.

By telling him “I am hungry” you leave the outcome to him. You SURRENDER and TRUST that he’ll take the best decision and solution to take care of you because making you happy is all he wants!

Notice the keywords here: SURRENDER and TRUST.

If you want to have a great relationship with a masculine man who adores you and treats you like a queen, you need to surrender and trust his provision.

So sharing how you feel is also a great way to see how men are and react when you are dating.

When you share how you feel does that immediately activate their masculine instincts to provide and take care of you?

Or do they look annoyed, disconnected and passive?

This is a great way to vet men and let the best men win!

Sharing is Being Vulnerable

Sharing how you feel is the ultimate vulnerability.

It’s expressing your feelings, good and bad, out in the open, taking the risk of being hurt.

But it’s the only way to a great polarised relationship with a great man who adores you!

How can a man provide for you if he doesn’t know how you feel, right!?

A great man adores and wants to know how you feel. He is not put out by you sharing too much, or sharing bad emotions.

As long as you don’t judge him or criticise him. Sharing how you feel is free of outcomes and free of judgements.

So it takes courage to be vulnerable. Not expressing how you feel out of fear of being judged or rejected comes from a fear of intimacy and of being seen, so you put up a wall. Then men are the ones who feel rejected.

Shutting down from being vulnerable is staying in your comfort zone where nothing good happens. It takes courage to be vulnerable and express how you feel, but it also takes habit.

When you get into the habit of expressing how you feel, you are honouring yourself and you want to be seen. That will repel the wrong people and attract the right ones into your life.

You’ll radiate amazing feminine energy!

THAT is what true feminine power is. There’s tremendous power in expressing how you feel and letting a man see you and care for you, and submitting to his leadership.

Feminine Communication is Great to Vet Men

The only type of men this type of communication doesn’t work is with men who are totally emasculated and don’t want to evolve, men who want a mother, or abusive and predator types who are in taking mode instead of providing.

Which is great, because if you are dating with feminine communication, you’ll naturally repel these types of men, because they prey on insecure masculinized women who are too affraid or disconnected from their feelings.

So we advise you to use feminine communication and express how you feel right from the beginning of the dating stage, so you see how a man responds to you.

Does he holds space when you share your feelings? Is he happy to know how you feel? Does he present a solution? Or does he look annoyed and confused and leans back?

Then you can see how you feel in your body. Do you feel open and safe with that man, or do you feel unsafe and wanting to put boundaries? Then you can make the right choice to stay or walk away.

A feminine woman who expresses herself only chooses men who honour her expression. And the right man will LOVE to honour how she feels.

Expressing the good and the not so good

Expressing how you feel is not just about saying the good and positive things.

Is not just about saying you feel happy, you feel joyful, you feel peaceful and safe. Is also about communicating the not so good emotions, like you feel unhappy, you feel unsafe, you feel rejected, etc.

But again, you do that without judging the man, or without waiting for a specific outcome. You just share the feeling.

If he cares for you, he’ll lead you and ask you to explain why, and will want to provide a solution because a man who truly cares for you wants to see you happy.

Many women feel insecure about sharing her not so good emotions because they think they’ll be a burden to the man, or that he will run away.

But a man who truly loves and cares for you, will HONOUR ALL YOUR EMOTIONS, not just the good ones.

In fact, there is no good or bad emotions, there are just emotions, and all are valid to be expressed because they are all you!

He’ll want to know everything that is going on in your heart and will hold space for it.

But, you need to have the courage to express it.

Feminine Communication is Being

Feminine communication is just feeling your emotions and expressing them into the world. It’s not about doing, is about being.

Is not something you do only with certain people, with certain men, or in certain situations. Is what you do ALWAYS. You are not feminine only in certain situations, you are always feminine.

Some people will love your radiance, others will feel repelled and that is great!

But you expressing yourself comes from an inner sense of safety. You know you’ll always be safe expressing how you feel because you are being true to yourself.

And life is a LOT more beautiful and magical when you allow yourself to express who you are.

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