What Feminine Leaning Back Really Is

Nowadays we hear a lot about the diferences between masculine and feminine energy.

Whilst masculine energy is the energy of going forward, taking action, making it happen and recching goals, feminine energy is the opposite.

Feminine energy is the energy of leaning back. Of letting life unfold spontaneously, enjoying life in the present moment, trusting that you are safe and cared for at all times.

What leaning back is not

Before we dive into what really is leaning back, let’s talk for a minute of what leaning back is not.

Leaning back is not being passive or sitting on the sofa and “waiting for things to fall out of the sky” or that other people do everything for you.

Leaning back is active feminine energy.

Is knowing when to wait knowing that you have done your part and nothing more is required.

You don’t need to push, force, exhaust yourself or prove your worth for that man to ask you out, or for money to come to you, or to simply enjoy life.

So what is leaning back?

A woman fully embodying her feminine energy knows her worth, so she is enjoying life whilst everything she need unfolds and happens in the background because her amazing energy is magnetic!

She radiates amazing feminine energy, and she knows that the secret to live her best life with all she desires and needs is through being.

Being her best self, living from her inner truth, trusting the masculine energy that surrounds her and cares for her at all times, receiving from the men in her life, from many different structures and containers that support her, from money, and from the Universe in general.

The Universe LOVES to take care of a divine feminine woman gracefully in her feminine essence!

So leaning back is trusting you are always safe and you are allowed to live peacefully and magically, forcing nothing to happen and allowing all goodness to come to you.

As per the Law of Attraction, a feminine woman knows she is a magnet to everything she desires.

She of course still does things, still has goals. But she ENJOYS the process of her goals unfolding and only does things that bring her joy and let her stay in that radiant feminine energy.

Contrary to masculine energy which is a straight line forward to reach a goal, feminine energy is a line with many curves and lots of time to stop and smell the roses.

She knows she doesn’t have to always be “productive” in order to receive. Her main priority is to live in the present and in her body, knowing she is always taken care of.

Leaning back in dating and a relationship

How does a feminine woman leans back in dating and in a relationship?

She simply lets the man be the man.

Masculine men love to provide, to protect, to plan and take care of their woman.

They love having a feminine woman in their lives who is open to receive from them and lets them lead the course of the dating process or the relationship. This is called polarity.

So a feminine woman leans back and allows the man to do all that for her.

Not in a controlling way, but in a way that he is a true gentleman and genuinely wants the best for her.

So she communicates her needs but doesn’t tell him what to do. She communicates and then leans back and let him decide, plan, take action.

In a relationship she trusts him fully in order to do that.

In dating, she only dates men who treat her like the feminine radiant woman she is. And she walks away from those who do not.

So a feminine woman leans back by not having the need to direct (or re-direct) a man, to plan or make decisions, or to initiate things. Many women nowadays do that, but that is them embodying masculine traits.

And many women nowadays who embody masculine traits have a hard time leaning back and letting a man lead, but then what happens when a woman leads is that she will get to a point where she will feel frustrated, resentful, exhausted, and only attract emasculated or abusive men (the type who will run out the door when things get tough).

So a feminine woman LOVES to lean back and submit to a masculine man who adores her. This has nothing to do with him controlling her, it has to do with him earning his place in her heart and her life by truly loving her, being devoted to her and treating her like a queen.

Leaning back at work

Being a feminine woman doesn’t mean being a housewife only taking care of the home and the kids (although many choose to do so and that is wonderful).

Many feminine women feel a deep calling to share their gifts with the world, so they do work they truly enjoy, or start their own business.

But a feminine woman is not the boss babe masculine vibes type, who embodies masculine traits, hustles hard, gets exhausted, and competes with men on who makes more money.

A feminine woman only does inspired work she enjoys, respects her body when she needs to rest, and only

She doesn’t care about “making a ton of money”. She cares about enjoying life and the work she does, and very often money pursues her like crazy because she naturally becomes a magnet for abundance and prosperity!

So leaning back in work is about being creative, do things you enjoy and delegating/outsourcing the ones you don’t.

Is about knowing you don’t need to hustle hard to have clients or money. You just need to follow your intuition and do what feels right and good.

Leaning back with money

As mentioned before, a feminine woman does not work hard for money.

She knows she is always safe and taken care of and money is a masculine energy that loves to provide for a feminine radiant woman.

A feminine woman embodying her feminine essence is a powerful magnet for abundance and prosperity, and she manifests money easily from her work, from the masculine energy in her life, from many different sources.

All she needs to do is lean back and be open to receive, and follow the divine guidance she receives.

Many women are conditioned from a young age from their parents, educational systems, etc, that they need to work hard, hustle, sacrifice, in order to receive money.

So many women end up embodying masculine traits in order to survive. And their capacity to receive is limited due to that. Because women are not naturally designed to always be working hard and reaching goals, something that comes natural to men.

And by becoming exhausted they are blocking abundance.

When a woman starts embodying her feminine essence and saying no to working hard and hustling and worrying, she can finally relax and open up to truly receive inspiration, creative ideas, and an overflow of money.

So she starts LIVING instead of just surviving.

Leaning back in life

Learning back in life in general is truly a feminine art of living.

For many women who lived years embodying masculine traits in order to survive, and having all sorts of limitations and blockages and bad experiences that came alongside to all that, finally leaning back and feeling safe and relaxed feels like being born again!

It’s a like a return to their true selves. Who they always should have been if they weren’t conditioned to embody masculine traits from other people’s limiting beliefs of how they believed life is.

Is like they finally you realise you are safe. You are worthy. You can enjoy life and live at your own internal pace.

You can start to respect your own internal feminine rythm which has no rules and no social rigidity.

Leaning back is letting your femininity shine and pulling things in

So feminine energy is not a passive energy.

When you embody your feminine essence you start to pull in everything you need and want into your life.

Your magnetic energy will be actively attracting and pulling all the right things and people to you.

Think about the sirens in the Greek Mythology, they embodied feminine energy and were singing, putting their energy out so they pull the men to them.

So when you embody your feminine energy and act from that space, you’ll be like a magnet attracting what you desire, and you can lean back and receive it.

You just flow with the current of life and enjoying the process. Leaning back and letting life unfold beautifully for you.

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