The Difference Between Princess and Queen Energy in Dating

What is the difference between Princess and Queen energy in dating?

The Princess energy is a type of wounded feminine energy, whilst the queen energy is a healed sovereign feminine energy.

So, their experiences in dating, the type of men they attract (and accept) are totally different.

Sometimes a woman has to go through the princess energy stage before she heals her core wounds and steps into queen energy.

Although this article is about dating, these two types of energy are reflected in everything else in a woman’s life, from how she sees herself, her friendships, her work, where she lives, her lifestyle, etc.

So let’s dive into how these two different types of energy show themselves in dating and their relationships with men:

Princess Energy

A princess is a wounded feminine woman that has trauma bonding and insecure attachments to men.

She is insecure, has low self-esteem and focus more on the romantic dreams in her head rather than in living reality and seeing things for what they are.

More traits are:

– She believes in soulmates, twin flames, and “the one”.

– She feels helpless often and dreams about a man rescuing from her loneliness

– She wears rose tinted glasses and sees men for what she wants them to be, not who they truly are

– She engages in low-value behaviour like going on last-minute dates or accepting crumbs of attention

– She shifts into masculine energy quickly if things need to be done and a man is not doing them

– She doesn’t lean back and she chases men

– She has excuses for low value behaviour from men like saying he doesn’t contact because he is busy

– She feels entitled to princess treatment but accepts low value treatment if she thinks a guy can be her “soulmate”.

– She compromises her values and standards if she feels intense chemistry with a man

– She has sex too soon based on sexual chemistry alone and expecting it to turn into a fairy tale, feeling hurt afterwards

– She dates one man at a time, obsessing about him even if she doesn’t know him well

– She engages in whining and lashing out if a man doesn’t behave like she feels he should

– She can’t be alone and has always to be romantically involved with a man even if only in her head

– She dates for male attention and validation

– She ignores early red flags and her intuition if she feels attracted to a man

Queen Energy

A queen is a healed feminine woman who fully wears her crown and accepts nothing but the best for herself.

She has self-love and self-worth and does not seek validation and attention from others.

More traits are:

– She focus on how she is treated and observes a man’s behaviour believing everything he shows

– She doesn’t waste time with men who don’t treat her right

– She feels whole and wants a masculine partner with whom she can be fully in her feminine energy

– She brings her best self to a date, she is emotionally open and vulnerable

– She leans back and let men provide for her

– She does not accept low value treatment from no one

– She cares more about how she feels about a man than how he feels about her

– She focus on a man’s actions, not on his words or promises

– She rather stay home and wash her hair than accepting a last minute date

– She only accepts dating men who are masculine healthy gentlemen providers

– She focus on creating an emotional connection and on knowing a man well before she is intimate with him

– She does rotational dating and dates several men at the same time before committing to one

– She doesn’t engage in whining, lashing out or judging men. She either communicates her feelings vulnerably or she walks away

– She dates in order to find the right masculine provider that will enhance her life

– She listens and follows her intuition and acknowledges red flags

Final Words

It’s important to mention that when a woman is healing and going from princess energy into queen energy, she very often goes back and forth on these different traits.

For example she might decide she doesn’t accept crumbles anymore from any man but then meets someone she feels attracted to and ends up accepting crumbles from him.

This happens because although on a conscious level she knows what she wants and what makes her feel good, her subconcious is still holding onto an old familiar pattern.

It’s important to not blame or judge yourself if this happens. Especially because judging and blaming is masculine energy.

Do your inner work and let things be, continuing to focus on the energy that makes you feel good!

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