Why the Feminine Doesn’t Need to Know (3 Reasons)

The society we live in insiste on using intellect and logic in every aspect of one’s existence.

It appreciates rational and analytical skills and severely downplays the importance of emotions and vulnerability.

However, the truth is that only a few things in this universe can be perceived and understood through an analytical lens.

You cannot always see the world as black and white because there are so many subtle shades between the two extremes.

The modern world also propagates the idea that one needs to know everything; you must have an opinion about everything and must live a life governed by their logical mind.

This expectation from the feminine causes her to lose her identity. She is forced to adhere to a culture of logic and analysis, which contradicts how she has been designed by mother nature. 

Here are a few important arguments about why the feminine doesn’t need to know everything:

It makes her fearful of the unknown

The feminine naturally rejoices in the unknown because she is equipped with a strong inner guidance system called intuition.

But this “need to know everything” makes her fearful of the unknown and the uncertainty.

Sometimes, these fears and doubts are subtly introduced so subtly that a feminine never becomes aware of them until they have caused significant damage to her natural gifts. 

It takes her from feeling to thinking

As I have mentioned above, the feminine essence has this amazing talent for feeling her way into things and decisions. This doesn’t mean that the decisions she makes are irrational—quite the contrary, in fact. 

The feminine can get in tune with her inner self and the universe. This connection then guides her through life circumstances and critical decisions.

But when the feminine is expected to “know,” she comes under (societal and peer) pressure and tries to tackle things through her logical thinking.

This often backfires for her because that’s not how she was designed to function in the first place.

The feminine tries to compete with the masculine

This pressure of figuring it out eventually puts the feminine in competition with the masculine.

First, she tries to mimic the analytical tendencies of the masculine; then, it accelerates to the point of competition as she strives to “know it all” and “do it all” to prove her importance.

There are two problems with this approach:

1. The masculine and feminine are two different energies, and there is no way that one can get better at what the other has.

Each counterpart has to embrace what nature has given them and double down on those talents.

2. Secondly, the masculine and feminine always thrive in a state of balance and cooperation. The atmosphere of competition can deplete both of them of their talents and valuable traits.

The feminine can only flourish in a surrendered state where she trusts her intuition and is graceful enough to let go of things she doesn’t know.

The need to have all the answers is often detrimental to the natural gifts of the feminine. 

So, in order to let go of this controlling need to know everything, follow these tips:

– Listen to how you feel in your body

– Trust your intuition (that first gut feeling before your national mind takes over)

– Take time and breathe before you respond to a question or make a decision. Take your time to check how you truly feel

– Embrace uncertainty knowing everything happens for your highest good

– Trust the Universe always has your back and supports you

– Let go of worries about the future and enjoy the present moment

– Believe you can have all you want and need IN your feminine energy

– Trust other people who truly want to help you and provide for you

– Honour your energy: we all have a certain amount of daily energy, avoid depleting yourself and rest if needed

– Play! Let your inner child come out on a daily basis and see the world as your playground!

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